Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This is the question most of us are asking ourselves this morning.

We may never truly know why. We might eventually get a motive if the person(s) responsible for this made it out alive, but a motive doesn't answer "why?" because we can't begin to comprehend the reasons for a person wanting to take innocent lives - no matter what sort of agenda they hide behind. We know it's a useless question to ask, but we do it anyway. Especially now, when it seems that tragedies of this magnitude happen more frequently than not. We can't help it. It's in our nature to try and understand, even when we know we never will.

Events like this also make many of us - including me - question our faith in mankind. I spent a lot of yesterday doing that, but I soon realized that this is just as useless as asking why. Believing that most people are inherently evil gets us nowhere. Instead, it makes the people who are evil win. This is what they want: to divide us. To make evil normal instead of extraordinarily rare. To make us fear for the future, for our children.

Yet, the truth is, there are always going to be good people, and there are always going to be evil people. That's the way it's been and it's the way it will continue to be. I will never understand the evil, and I've decided that I cannot give in to them. So, what does that leave me to do?

I can be the best "good" person I can be. I can raise K to be one of the "goods," as well. I can run. I put my running on pause when K was born, and planned to restart in the next month or so - working toward my bucket list goal of completing a half marathon. But why continue to wait for the right time? It may never be the right time. I may never make it to that right time. So, I'll start now. I'll move forward.

We can all keep moving forward as best we can, doing our best to spread love instead of hate.


Maria Rothenburger said...

I'm linking back to this post, because it is so perfect. Even in the face of such darkness, spreading love is still the answer.

It Is What It Is said...

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness.
Only light can do that."