Wednesday, December 12, 2012

at what cost?

This morning, I stumbled across this article while doing research for a project at work. For some reason, I never knew (or maybe I never wanted to know) that REs receive a kickback from IVF loans. It makes sense. Many receive them from drug companies, so it's logical that they would also receive them from the loan providers.

I agree with what this author is saying, but I think there is a broader issue here. I'm reading this on the heels of several conversations with friends and family members regarding the high cost, in general, of infertility and adoption services. It saddens me that it cost as much as it does to build a family - particularly when these are circumstances we cannot control. We didn't choose to be infertile; therefore, why should we be punished financially?

By no means do I expect these services to be dirt cheap. I understand that it's costly to run a clinic. However, for average couples, it's unreasonable to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a chance. This is a large reason why we chose adoption (and, going back to the study I posted about on Monday, I imagine it's a large reason why couples choose child-free living . . . they simply don't have the resources to attempt IVF an unlimited number of times).

Of course, this would be a non-issue if we had mandated infertility coverage. If we acknowledged infertility for what it is: a disease.

All we can do is continue to fight for our "equality." To make lawmakers, insurance companies, and doctors understand our point of view. We can call our Congressmen/women and fight for the passage of the Family Act. We can get involved in organizations like RESOLVE. And we can hope that, in our lifetime, we see a change in the way we are recognized by others outside of this community.


someday-soon said...

100% agree!!!

Logical Libby said...

This just makes my blood boil. I am so tired of this being treated as an "extra," like my uterus just needed a nose job.

Rachel said...

Even paying 100% out of pocket, a round of IVF costs 1/5 what a newborn adoption costs, unless you foster-adopt, in which case the odds of you getting to keep the baby (in my state, anyway) are only about 1 in 5.

Not that I can afford either one, but at those prices, IVF is only partially impossible, whereas adoption is 100% impossible.

erika said...

Anybody who is making money on somebody else's struggle, particularly if that is related to a health-issue - shame on them.

erika said...

Thanks for posting this link!