Wednesday, November 21, 2012

giving thanks

It would be an understatement to say that I have much be thankful for this year. After four years of infertility, I feel so blessed to be a mother.

I am grateful for my husband. It hasn't been easy. We've had our ups and downs. But I love you with all of my heart, and it makes me so happy to see you with K. You are the best dad.

I am grateful for T, for giving us the gift of parenthood. While we don't keep in touch as often as I'd like, I think about her every single day, as well as her other children.

I am grateful for my family members and close friends. Those who've been there through all of the waiting and who've welcomed K into their lives with open arms and so much love.

And, of course, I am forever grateful for K. She has taught me so much in her short, four-and-a-half month life. She's filled the hole in my heart. She's taught me how to be a better person. She's taught me how to love again. Truly.

I also incredibly grateful for all of you. This would not have been possible without your love and support. If it weren't for this community, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago. But you pushed me. You encouraged me. You told me that I could be a mom if that's what I wanted, if I put my mind to it.

I know that, for many of you, this holiday is the beginning of a very difficult time of year. You're still in the trenches. You're still waiting for that miracle. I get it. Believe me. I spent four holiday seasons in your shoes. Take care of yourselves. Don't push your emotions. Protect your heart in whatever way you need to. And know that while I'm celebrating with my family, part of my heart is with you. Because I haven't forgotten the pain or the struggle. I will never forget.

Love you all. Thank you. And to those still fighting? Fierce hugs. I would give anything I could for your fight to end in peace, happiness, and parenthood. That is my wish for this holiday season.


Mellow MW Mama said...

lovely post. enjoy the holidays this year

Christina B said...

Tears filled my eyes as I read your post. I found out at 18 I had a rare disorder and would not be able to conceive a child. When I married my husband earlier this year, we decided to push quickly to get on the waiting list for adoption so we could grow our family. My husband and I have been on the waiting list for a month now. For me, this blog has been a lifesaver! I am so happy you found your chance at "mommyhood" and are still able to connect with those who haven't...YET! I hope you and your family have a fabulous holiday season celebrating the struggles to find the joy!

Michaela said...

I can't thank you enough for this post and for reaching out to those of us who might not be having such a "thankful" Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!

JustHeather said...

I feel the same way this year. Have a great holiday season with your little one!

Rach said...

What a lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving

someday-soon said...

Happy to see this dream come through for you this year =)

Kim said...

Love this, love you, the person you are. Many blessings to you and your family Katie.

missohkay said...

<3 It's amazing and humbling to be on the other side. Finally.