Friday, September 21, 2012

all things "woman"

Some of you may remember my breast lump saga from the beginning of the year. If you're a newer reader, here's the shortened version: I found a lump in my left breast, went to my GP, was denied a mammo by two imaging centers because of my age, wrote an email about it to one of the local news stations, and ended up getting my mammo with the help of a local breast cancer charity and a TV reporter. When the mammo was inconclusive, I had an MRI done. The MRI determined that I didn't have cancer, but my GP thought it was best for me to start seeing a breast specialist because of my family history (the same specialist who, ironically, treated my mom when she had cancer).

Whew. Are you exhausted by reading that? Yeah, me too.

I went to the specialist in March, and she told me to monitor it and follow up in September - six months. My follow up was on Wednesday, and there's nothing new to report. It's still there, and it hasn't grown much since my last visit (we're talking tenths of a millimeter). The interesting thing was that the specialist feels something different from what the ultrasound tech is seeing - an area next to the lump that feels "odd." Yet nothing shows there on the ultrasound. BUT, she doesn't seem to think that it's anything pressing, so I go back again in March. As much as it feels strange to know there is something in my body that isn't supposed to be there, I'm happy she still doesn't want to cut it out. I can't imagine going through another surgery right now.

In other health news, I'm still seeing my RE for my pituitary gland dysfunction. I had a follow-up MRI in August to make sure there was still no tumor, and I need to go in for blood work next month. I've just been waiting for them to refill my prescription which is finally getting done TODAY (three weeks after I initially told them I needed a refill) to make sure that my levels are accurate.

After much debate, I decided not to continue with the birth control. We feel like we have my cysts under control with the pituitary meds, and I didn't see the point in adding hormones to the mix. I think my RE is a little disappointed, mostly because he's not convinced I can't get pregnant, but I wanted to give my body a break. I've been on and off different hormones now for almost five years. I'd like to see if my body can just act normally for a little while. That's not too much to ask. Right? :)


Rebecca said...

Doesn't seem like too much to ask! Hope all numbers and results stay normal!

MelissaP05 said...

Crazy, but Im getting a lump ultrasounded on Wed with a possible mammogram. Im hoping it's just a cyst. I also decided to give my body a break and not go on the pill anymore. I just want to "be" if that makes sense. So tired of popping pills and all the injections for years, it's nice to just let things go for awhile. My cycles are all wonky but I don't care much. I have my little guy now so it's ok. So happy for you and your family on the addition of your little girl!