Saturday, December 31, 2011

slap me on the wrist

Because I'm a bad blogger.

I have so much to update all of you on: Christmas, being denied another mammogram (yes, really), getting interviewed by the local news for being denied another mammogram, and everything in between. But considering this is the last day of 2011, I feel a little obligated to write about the year that's about to end.

2011 wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. I could characterize it as "breaking even." There were good months and bad months; in the end, it was all a wash.

I started the year with cysts and a surprise surgery - my third in 13 months. But we also began preparing our hearts and our home for adoption.

The middle of the year brought our third anniversary of marriage (and trying to become parents), which we celebrated with a trip to the Keys. But it also brought tragedy with the passing of my dear boss, friend, and mentor - Ani. I miss him, and there isn't a day when I pull into the parking at work when I don't think of him.

2011 ended in a whirlwind. I won the 2011 RESOLVE Hope Award for best blog, and took a break from my busy semester at school to accept it. I started a new job with my company. Then, finally, on November 8, our adoption profile went active. And after two calls in that first week, we ended 2011 as a waiting family still - anxious for THE call that will make us parents.

I will stop short of saying that 2012 is the year, because I know how much disappointment reaching December 31st empty handed brings. I've been doing this since 2008. But what I do know is that I can finally say, "we've done our part." Now we need 2012 to put everything into place.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years celebration. And to those of us who could use the luck of a new year? We'll cross our fingers for the best.


It Is What It Is said...

Sending you luck and hope for 2012.

Happy New Year!

Miss Megan said...

Hoping 2012 is a prosperous year for you guys. Good luck. And Happy New Year!

Dawn said...

Wishing you an amazing 2012!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

I feel like my new years' post theme and your new years' post theme are very similar. I hope 2012 is "the year". I do, but i completely understand the reservation!

Stefanie Blakely said...

This is YOUR year, Katie. I can just feel it. Love you, friend.

Rebecca said...

Um, seriously? Another denied mammogram? This is ridiculous.

Here's hoping for a wonderful 2012.

erika said...

I am sorry for the mammogram, soooo incredibly frustrating!:(

Wishing both of you a truly HAPPY year!!!

AL said...

Best to you in 2012, Katie!