Thursday, July 22, 2010

questions and answers

I absolutely loved reading all of your questions! They were so fun to answer. And it was really nice to take a break from writing about infertility. Without further ado, here is what you wanted to know:

How did you and your husband meet? 

My husband and I met in 2001. I was 16 and he was my 24-year-old boss at my very first job. Now before you judge, know that he never once looked at me like that until much later. But me? For me it was love at first sight. My friends thought I was insane. I was a high school student who fell for a guy eight years her senior.

Joey and I kept in touch even after he went to open/manage another store. He served as my mentor and even wrote me letters of recommendation to college. In May of 2003, I graduated high school and the following month left for UF's summer session. When fall and football season rolled around, I decided to invite Joey and another friend we worked with up for a game. It was on that night after the game, after one too many shots, that I told Joey how I felt about him. A month later, I finally twisted his arm enough to go on a date with me, and the rest is history. 

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day? 

I have two favorite memories of my wedding day.

The first comes before I ever walked down the aisle. When the last of my family members left the "girls" room at the church, my bridesmaids and I stood in a circle and started to sing "Going to the Chapel." We were laughing so hard when we got to the second verse and didn't know the words that the church's wedding coordinator had to come in and tell us to be quiet. I just remember how happy I was and how much it meant to me to have those girls there.

My second favorite memory was seeing my husband's face as I got to the end of the aisle. He looked completely nervous. And just when I thought he was going to turn to me and tell me how this was the happiest day of his life, he whispered in my ear:

"You look hot."

What state or country is your dream country/state to live in?

Europe. Maybe Italy, France, or the UK.

Why do you have to wait until early 2011 to do IVF? Is there a more significant waiting period between cycles?

Money. We could do it right now if we had an extra $15,000 sitting around.

If money was no object, how many IUIs and/or IVFs would you consider doing?

This is tough. I wouldn't do anymore IUIs, but I think I would still only do one IVF cycle. For me, it's not just about the money. It's about the emotional energy that has to be put into each cycle, as well as the physical strain. I barely think I can handle going through that once. I don't think I could do it more than that if the first try was a negative.

What is your occupation?

I'm an editor for a company that publishes textbooks for at-risk adult learners. It's about as boring as it sounds. Previously, I worked in the editorial department at a top-five trade publishing house (hint: it's the same house that published the world's most popular vampire series). I love to edit, but I'm not a fan of the corporate BS that can go along with this job--which is why I'm going back for my master's in library and information studies. But I'd love to continue freelance editing on the side.

Where is your happy place?

Anywhere with my husband!

If you could have a do-over on any moment in your life (non IF-related) what would it be? And why?

Leave it to Mic to ask the toughest question! I don't know. I usually don't think about do-overs. I personally believe that changing one moment can change the rest of your life forever (see: that horrible movie with Ashton Kutcher, The Butterfly Effect). Part of me thinks that having the opportunity to go back and change things may make certain situations better. Another part of me thinks that a do-over is an easy way out. But the great thing about mistakes is that you (hopefully) learn from them. For me, every moment in my life--good and bad--has made me the person that I am today. That said, I don't think I would go back and change anything. 

Who is your number 1 "freebie" celebrity?

Oh, I love this question! Because it reminds me of that Friends episode, The One with Frank Jr., where each character makes a freebie list of their top five celebrities. Joey and I also have freebie lists inspired by that episode. My current list of five consists of (in no particular order):

Chase Utley

Mark Wahlberg

Patrick Dempsey

JJ Redick

Jake Gyllenhaal

What is the best book you have read recently?

I just recently read Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. It was so good that I finished it in less than a day and cried my eyes out through the entire last chapter. Go read it. (Disclaimer: the book does touch a little bit on infertility, specifically loss, but it's not central to the book's story line. In other words, that's not what made me cry!)

What is the best place you have traveled to?


If you won the lottery and didn't have to work anymore, what would you do?

Aside from the obvious like paying off debt and doing IVF now, I would: pay for my brother's college education, pay off debt for our parents, still go to graduate school, buy a single-family home (no more Carl!), adopt more dogs, replace my struggling car, take our entire family on a trip, adopt and foster children of all ages, travel with my husband and kids, start a foundation for infertility treatments, and volunteer at a children's hospital. I'd love to work with cancer patients.

What's your favorite adult beverage?

I've become extremely boring in my older age. I'm a beer, wine, and vodka girl. Occasionally I'll drink a White Russian. If it's a special occasion, champagne.

How would you spend a day you had all to yourself?

A few months ago, I think I would have done nothing. Now, I would book myself a day at the spa, complete with lunch, wine or champagne, and some kind of delicious chocolate dessert. A girl can dream, can't she?

Who's your hero?

My mom. She's a cancer survivor, a single mom, and my best friend.

Do you follow any sports and if so, who's your favorite team?

I am a HUGE sports girl. Our television is on ESPN more than any other channel, and it's not just because my husband has the remote. I was born right outside of Philly, so I am a devoted fan of the Phillies and Eagles. As for college sports, I'm a proud Florida graduate and bleed orange and blue. Obviously, I love Gator football, but I'll follow and watch pretty much every Gator sport. That includes gymnastics. Last, living in Central Florida for about half of my life, I've become a Magic fan. I never used to be a fan of the NBA, but it's hard not to root for your town's team. And now that they play well, it's fun to watch this city rally around their team.

For the record, I hate the every team from New York, think the world would be a better place without Kobe Bryant, and don't understand the hype about Stephen Strasburg (yeah, he's good . . . but can he at least play for a full season before we canonize him?).


suchagoodegg said...

I loved reading these Qs and As. Your wedding day stories made me smile. xo

Danielle said...

I loved reading this! And I am so glad you liked my question! How funny that Chase Utley is your number one - my husband and I are HUGE Phillies fans!

Kim said...

I cannot believe I missed the Questions post! How did that happen?! I guess I sometimes get lost in my own little world, I don't know?!?!? It was fun to read your answers, and the questions were great! You are a very sweet person and I admire the things you value in life....these answers speaks volumes about your character. My husband was also my boss/mentor at one point yet we didnt become involved until after I didn't work for him anymore....he was very "keep work and personal life seperate" I knew I was going to marry him within weeks of dating him. So I enjoyed the similarities in our love stories. xoxoxoxoxoxox

Rach said...

Awesome fun facts!!

Dawn said...

Very nice learning more about you!

Kelly said...

Yikes! I missed the questions post. :( Sorry! I loved reading all of your answers. It was great to learn a little more about you. Oh...and your freebies? Nice choices. :)

Crossed Fingers said...

Love your Q & A's! I may steal this for next month's ICLW!

Trisha said...

I love the Q&A! So neat to learn more about you. I'm a huge sports fan too! But JJ Redick??? I'll give it to you because he plays for the Magic but you know where he came from,right?! :) ha ha! We're HUGE UNC fans :)

Jen said...

Dude. Patrick Dempsey. Ditto. I feel lame since he's McDreamy and all, but man , he just does it for me! I had to break up with Grey's though. What happened to that show?? Used to be so good.

I also like Kristin Hannah; that was a great book!

I lived in Athens, GA for a year; did you know they have a bar called Gator Haters??!! haha

ifcrossroads said...

I love it how I'm the sadistic idiot who asks the most serious question. Haha! And I'm all steamy for McDreamy :)

Josey said...

That was fun to get to know a little about your life non IF related! :)

Love how you guys met, and love his "you're hot" comment. LOL

AL said...

Loved learning more about you and hearing the stories of you and Joey and your wedding. So sweet <3

someday-soon said...

Great Q&A! It's great to learn mre about you =)

Kakunaa said...

Love it! Soooo...with regards to the IVF thing. We can only afford 1, but yeah, not sure I could go thru more than this one....and I loved all your facts! Thank you so much for sharing!

T said...

I about pissed myself when I read what your DH said to you on your wedding day! I love the honesty!

Thank you for sharing! I feel like I know you better and not just about IF. It is refreshing to talk about the other things in our lives sometimes!

Waiting Lisa said...

This is great. Thank you for sharing so much. I love getting to know you better.

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate your support. Your comments always mean so much to me.

Di said...

Visiting from ICLW! I live in Central Florida too and have to say Woo Hoo for a Gator gymnastics fan! They are AWESOME! In another coincidence my hubby is named Joey too! Hope the time flies by to your IVF and brings you a BFP!

PCOSChick said...

Loved learning more about you! Thanks for sharing.

JC said...

I loved reading all your answers! And especially loved reading how you and Joey met. I think that's my favorite thing to hear about from any couple, I love those stories!

Krissi said...

These are so interesting! I do seem to have your link, but apparently I never followed! I am your newest follower! Good luck with your future IVF! Happy ICLW! (#45 & 46)

S.I.F. said...

OK, I seriously love your love story... Stuff like that just seems so meant to be to me!

Ashlee G. said...

what a fun idea, i think i'm going to do this next iclw!

it was great reading about you!


Alex said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing these - what a great idea!

Kandid Kelli said...

I love me some JJ!!!!! YUMMMM


Rebecca said...

Love these!! What a great idea!