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Thursday, April 22, 2010

thursday thoughts

Tomorrow will mark the end of the 2WW and the beginning of the 1WW. Really, there is nothing to report. Life had been so busy with trying to get everything in order for the move that I really haven’t focused on IPS. Tomorrow is my progesterone check, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my levels are high enough for a little bean to make his home in there.

Speaking of the move and being at home, we are so excited to be in the new place on Sunday! We aren’t getting our couch until May 8, but that’s okay. Once the couch is in, I’ll post before and after pictures of the place.

There has been a lot of rough news in IF land lately. It’s making me sad. To Kelly, Al, and Holly, please know that I am especially thinking of the three of you and sending love your way.

I sent my Project IF post to some of my close family and friends today. I hesitated sending it, I really did, but I felt as if it was the right thing to do. I can’t just talk the talk and hide behind my blog, Twitter, or even Facebook. I have to take action. So, you know what they say: When in doubt, send it out! No one has responded yet, but I hope my point came across.

If you aren’t yet on Twitter, you should be. The Long and Winding Road has launched a campaign to make infertility a trending topic on Twitter in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week. The campaign will be this Monday, April 26. So Tweet away and tell your other IF friends!

Is anyone else really excited to watch the NFL Draft tonight? Or am I a total nerd? Mostly, I watch to see where the Gator players end up. This year has extra hype thanks to Tim Tebow. As for NFL teams, I am a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. So Eagles fan + draft usually = total disaster. Let’s hope we don’t draft another quarterback from Houston (ahem, Kevin Kolb, ahem).

My IUI buddy 2catdaughters is having her fourth and final IUI tomorrow morning. Go wish her luck in catching that egg!

That’s all the randomness I have for now. I’ll be back tomorrow with the results from the b/w. Until then, Happy Earth Day!


Stefanie Blakely said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the new place!

Marla.z said...

Ohhh, so exciting to be moving into a new place. Stressful, but exciting! GL!

Kelly said...

I feel like excitement is pouring out of this comment...
Soooo excited for the draft, your move and your progesterone check! I'm glad you have plenty of good things to keep you busy.

And thanks for all of your support. If things don't work out for me, I guess I look at like I get to have another day without tears, and that's a good thing.

-K said...

Good luck with everything. Great blog, can't wait to read more. I'm your newest follower from IComLeavWe.


Rach said...

Yay to the 1ww. Almost there!!

azmamma said...

Keeping you in my T & P! I can't wait to see pics of the new place :)

suchagoodegg said...

Hubs and I cheer for the Bills and the Chiefs and there is talk Tebow could come to either team!!! You have a fellow NFL draft dork over here. :)

I'm proud of you for pressing send. You are awesome, seriously, awesome.

I'm glad the first week went by faaast. Hoping #2 is just as speedy and you get that amazing BFP at the end. xo

Rebecca said...

I think our cycles are lined up this time around. I'm starting the 1ww, too. The 2ww was really fast -- I'm afraid the 1ww is going to drag.

This has really been a tough time in IF land lately. I really want all of us to be able to celebrate so soon.

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Ha ha, also an eagle fan- and yes- it usually spells disaster.

Glad you have something exciting going on in your 2 ww!

Kandid Kelli said...

THA NK YOU for your unwavering support!! it means SOOO much to me.

Your such a great friend. I just have alot personally going on.

I am almost ready to talk about it.


A said...

I loved your project IF post. I want to write one, too- I hope I can organize my thoughts soon enough!

Congrats on the house!

Dear Diary said...

Hey cycle partner I can't wait for next week either. You are so lucky that you have the progesterone test tomorrow!! Good luck!!

2catdaughters said...

This is such an exciting post! Lots of good things going on for you. I hope your progesterone check is great tomorrow and that next week brings you even better news. I agree with Rebecca--the inhabitants of IF land need something to celebrate.

One more thing--thank you for your never ending support. It means the world to me!!

Al said...

thanks so much for your support and love katie. It helps, it really does.

Yea for the 1ww, hoping for good news from you next week.

ifcrossroads said...

Lovin' the draft right now - lovin' it! I'm a big time college/NFL football geek - live for the stuff :)

Arlyne said...

Sending positive thoughts your way for your progesterone check tomorrow!

I'm really happy for you guys & excited for you to move! I'm glad you've been busy during the 2WW.


Basic Girl said...

WOOHOO for 1 week down!! And very excited for the move, and some pics of your new home. Sounds like you'll be keeping busy at least, will def be keeping you in my T&Ps!!

Waiting Lisa said...

I am glad you decided to send it to your family and friends. It's beautiful and it's a great look into your heart.