Monday, November 16, 2009

talk me off of a ledge

If you are a long-time reader, you might remember that around the same time I was diagnosed with infertility, I was diagnosed with mild cervical dysplasia. You also might remember that I was scolded by my RE back in October for blowing off my six-month follow-up. I promised him I would make an appointment with a gyno for another pap that day.

Well, I did, but due to the scheduling of other doctor's visits (ones that involve making a baby) and my lengthy and sometimes erratic AF bleeding and the fact that my RE forbids me from having a pap during my 2WW, I've had to cancel three different appointments. This makes me an irresponsible liar with screwed up priorities. But whatever. I decided to either 1) get the pap right after this cycle if it's a bust, since we agreed not to do a third IUI over Christmas or 2) get the pap during my first exam with the new OB. I think we all know which option I'm really hoping for.

But today, while perusing the Internet, I come across a blog where the author had a colposcopy (like me) and then found out the precancerous cells had spread during her follow-up. Of course, this leads me to freak out and promptly call every gyno--including Planned Parenthood--in a 70-mile radius with the thought of, "I probably have cancer by now!" None of them had openings this week.

Will someone PLEASE calm me down? Convince me that I'm probably okay (and that I should stop Googling). Another month of waiting isn't going to kill me, right?


Tina said...

Back Away From the Ledge!!!!! Take a Really Deep Breath!!!!

Now I am not going to chastise you for not making your 6 month check up a priority, but you need to schedule an appointment as soon as you can (I know you are trying)!!!

Just make an appointment and go to it no matter what. If AF arrives, still go, and then make another appointment for a few days later. It seems to be easier to make appointments when you are at the doctor's office - I know its crazy!

There is nothing you can do until you go to the dr, and I am sure that everything is fine!

Hayley said...

step. away.

And email me if you need to talk. :)

ifcrossroads said...

Ok. You are okay! This is okay. Just schedule your appointment ASAP and let them know you would be available if they have an early cancellation.

You are doing the best you can sweetie! It's going to be alright. You're just a little overdue ...

Back away from Dr.Google - he's a total ass and can make things worse.

Oh, and I love your new look :)

Kelli-Sue said...

Hey! I had a colposcopy and didnt have my follow-up for almost 9 mons b/c family stuff kept coming up & Look! I am fine... So back away slowly... then when youre away turn and run from that ledge!! and S T O P googling taht really makes things worse.

Good luck getting an apt hon.

Kelly said...

Slowly turn and walk away from the ledge. I understand your concern but really, don't do this to yourself!!

Call and get the new appointment as soon as you can but only because it's a good thing to do for your health (not because I think you have anything wrong with your health!)

Erin said...

Slow. Meditative Breaths. It's going to be okay!

Get whatever appointment you can, and just go. Even if it's during AF. I agree with Tina that it's easier to get an appointment when you are at the doctor.

Go take a bath, watch some TV, and stop googling!

And e-mail me if you need to talk!

Nicole said...

I think infertilies should be self-banned from google! Stay calm- remembering that your info IS from google. There are always weird-freak-of-coincidence cases posted there. Nobody hops online to post that they were fine after their follow up.
You're fine. Just get in asap for your sanity, but don't stress in the meanwhile.
One idea you MIGHT try is to show up at the office and "claim" you thought you had an appointment. Especially if you show up on the same time and day of the week of your actual appt... it's believable. Maybe they will feel badly for you and try to squeeze you in?? But I'm not advocating you lie to your doc... desperate times call for desperate measures!

2catdaughters said...

Calm yourself, Katie! Deep breaths, in and out!!

Just make an appointment as soon as you can. And stay away from Google in the meantime!!! Sooo evil!!

Jen said...

I agree with everyone else. Just make it as soon as you can and try to relax!

JC said...

Yea I agree too...don't freak out, your ok. Just make one as soon as you're able and if it's a month from now that's no biggie. Don't worry or stress, really try not to. ((hugs))

JC said...

Oh and no more googling! ;)

Stefanie Blakely said...

Hi there,

I'm a relatively new reader but I wanted to let you know that I had moderate cervical dysplasia several years ago and had a colposcopy too.

I was told that I needed 3 month paps for two years, then 6 month paps for the next three years. I kept up with the first two years, but by the time I started the third year, they told me to start coming back once a year.

Anyway, I never had another abnormal pap-- regardless of how often I went to the doc for checkups. It's great to stay on top of your medical issues, but sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack. :)

Katie said...

You are right. Take your own advice and try to calm down.

Chances are great that you are just fine! FWIW, After my colpo I had all of my follow ups and everything was fine. Every stinkin time. (obviously, that is great....but you'll get tired of having all those damn follow up paps).


A baby for Al? said...

I agree with everyone else, I'm sure everything is fine and stay away from Dr Google.

(Love the new blog layout, very cute)

Bean stalk ballads said...

No more googling girl... make your appt and stick with it. It will take your mind off it....(from someone else who googles way too much)