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Saturday, November 14, 2009

taking a break

It's been an eventful weekend so far, and I'm taking a little break from my work to write about it.

My CD 2 u/s went well yesterday. The nurse told me to show up early in case I could be "squeezed in" between surgeries (my RE's clinic will only allow the doctors to perform ultrasounds). I showed up at 8, and was out of there by 8:30. My ovaries look great. I have five follies on each side and no big, Clomid-loving cysts. So today was day one of round two of the Mid, 50 mg. The only thing we are doing differently is adding in the estrogen earlier to boost my lining and I have to use OPKs starting on CD 9, since my next u/s isn't until CD 12. If everything looks good, and if I haven't gotten a +OPK by then, I'll trigger that evening and my turkey will be basted the day before Thanksgiving.

I arrive at work in a great mood and check my e-mail to find that a friend and former coworker has recommended me to someone for a freelance editing/proofreading project. If I haven't mentioned this before, I make my living as an editor for an educational publisher, but I have been looking for light freelance work over the last few months--proofing papers, editing resumes, etc.--just to make a few extra bucks. This first project couldn't come at a better time, when we are about to fork over another $500 for an IUI and meds.

And last, my amazing husband took me out last night on a beautiful dinner date to one of my favorite restaurants, Seasons 52. It's one of those restaurants we only go to for special occasions, but we splurged. After a hellish start to the week, we deserved it. I drank wine AND I ate dessert, two things I rarely do when we are out to eat. We sat in a private room in the back of the restaurant overlooking the lake. It was so relaxing, which is exactly what I need to focus on this cycle: relaxation.

Speaking of relaxation, it's time to turn my peaceful "nature" music back up and get on with the editing.


Kelli-Sue said...

I love Seasons 52!! Congrats again on your free lance work! :) Sounds great!!

A baby for Al? said...

Yum, the dinner out with your hubby sounds amazing.

Glad you're cyst-free and ready to go for IUI number two.

Katie said...

I'm so glad you had a great day!! And freelance work is awesome....I wish I could find some. Of course, I'd probably need to actually LOOK for some. And, then I'd need some TIME to actually be able to do it..... *sigh*

2catdaughters said...

Sounds like a great night out!! I think you may have finally hit a lucky streak!

Astrid said...

Great news, and a great start to the cycle. I hope this is the one! Thank god you're avoiding turkey-day basting.

Erin said...

Glad you had a great day!

Good to hear that you didn't have any cysts! I'm going in for my u/s tomorrow, and I'm really nervous about cysts!

Rebecca said...

Yay for no cysts and yay for Seasons 52 -- so yummy! I love the little mini-dessert things! :) GL with it all!!

A said...

Praise God for a great u/s!! And that is great about the freelance recommendation! And even greater about the dinner date :)

Hayley said...

you've been tagged my lovah! read my latest blog post. :)