Tuesday, January 27, 2009

please snow

I would kill for a day off right now. It's supposed to snow and freezing rain tonight and tomorrow morning and I am keeping all of my crossables crossed for my office to close tomorrow. I'm sure my husband is keeping HIS fingers crossed that I get a day off, too. I know he's getting bored sitting around all day in the house. He has a second interview with one company this Thursday and we are hopeful he will get offered the job.

The catch?

It's another retail management position, and with the way the economy is, we think this is just a temporary solution. But if offered, he'll gladly accept the position while continuing to look for something more stable (NOT in retail). There are a few city jobs open in our area that I know he would love to have, and we are really praying hard he will get called for an interview for at least one of those.

As far as TTC news, there really isn't anything to report. AF has left town and we are waiting to see if Joey gets this job to decide whether or not we are trying this month. I'm not temping. Did I mention that? I needed a break, and this seemed like the appropriate month to do it. I will still use OPKs, though, and I have a pretty good idea now of when I ovulate each month. Regardless of Joey's employment situation, we agreed that we will keep my doctor's appointment (Tuesday of next week, 2/3).

The funny thing is, I'm actually looking forward to it.


Ophelia said...

I hope J finds a job quickly!!! Looks like you got your wish with the snow!

fourwhowantfive said...

So, did you get the day off?? All last night, our weatherpeople kept saying the temp was going to drop to the 20s after midnight and we would get an entire night of freezing rain. Well, the temp didn't drop that low til 5am, so some schools were closed and some were open. Mine=open. boo! But, i'm not there since i'm still sick and heading to doc today. also, boo!
i hope everything goes well with J's interview tomorrow. Temporary is better than nothing while waiting on permanent, I'm sure!!