November 2012: finalization on November 30; we are a forever family!
October 2012: last post-placement visit
September 2012: second post-placement visit; I go back to work on September 24
August 2012: K is released from the NICU on August 7, first post-placement visit on August 20 (parental rights terminated by court the same day)
July 2012: SURPRISE! baby K arrives on July 2 (32 days early); NICU stay begins; consent is signed on July 3
June 2012: our attorney emails us with a situation on June 1; June 8 marks seven months on the waiting list; on June 15, our attorney notifies us that the e-mom can't decide between us and another couple; phone call with e-mom on June 21 and we are MATCHED with a baby girl due August 3; face-to-face meeting with e-mom on June 29
May 2012: May 8 marks six months on the waiting list; back on birth control pills
April 2012: April 8 marks five months on the waiting list; one year cyst free!; sinus surgery on April 25
March 2012: March 8 marks four months on the waiting list; breast specialist recommends follow up in six months to check lump in left breast; ENT recommends surgery for sinus disease after repeat sinus infections; sign with new attorney (in addition to the agency) on March 26
February 2012: February 8 marks three months on the waiting list; referred to a breast specialist
January 2012: January 8 marks two months on the waiting list; receive mammogram for breast lump; images come back inconclusive; MRI scheduled; MRI comes back clear; imaging center recommends 6-month follow-up and yearly visits
December 2011: December 8 marks one month on the waiting list; denied two mammograms for the breast lump at two different facilities
November 2011: sign with an agency, profile is active on November 8; agency shows our profile twice in the first week; go off of the norethindrone
October 2011: home visit on October 15; home study approval on October 25; Dostinex dosage lowered; found second breast lump
September 2011: accept the 2011 Hope Award for Best Blog from RESOLVE!; prolactin levels have dropped too low; follow-up appointment set to discuss medication/dose change; homestudy paperwork is in
July 2011: no tumor (yay!); start Dostinex to lower prolactin; more blood work to narrow the cause of the pituitary dysfunction
June 2011: receive blood work results; prolactin levels are high; doctor requests a repeat test; repeat test shows increased prolactin levels (almost double); diagnosed with anterior pituitary dysfunction; MRI and additional b/w ordered to rule out a tumor
May 2011: first appointment with RE#3; uterine lining is too thick and - surprise! - I'm ovulating on birth control; doctor lowers norethindrone dosage; repeat ultrasound two weeks later is normal; blood work ordered
April 2011: complaints of pain to the gynecologist are ignored; follicle rupture on right ovary three days later; make an appointment RE#3 at a top teaching hospital in a different city
March 2011: switch to gynecologist after lax care from RE#2; emergency lap (#2) six days later to remove 5 cm cyst on enlarged left ovary; cyst is non-cancerous; start high dosage of norethindrone to suppress ovaries
January 2011: start Micronor for cysts
November 2010: announce our decision to pursue domestic adoption
October 2010: cyst rupture on left ovary; at two-week follow-up, RE#2 finds two new cysts; monthly u/s monitoring suggested
August 2010: second positive OPK ever; start graduate school program for Library and Information Studies
June 2010: forgo final IUI, start acupuncture and Chinese herbs
May 2010: Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #4 = BFN (7.5 mm lining; 19mm and 16mm follies on lefty; 17.4 million swimmers post-wash with 59% motility)
April 2010: Femara + Ovidrel + IUI #3 = BFN (8 mm lining; 27mm follie on righty; 20.5 million swimmers post-wash with 47% motility)
March 2010: third SA shows low volume, low motility (0% moving rapidly) and 94% abnormal morphology; lump in right breast removed (it's benign); we're homeowners
February 2010: lap #1 to remove 4 cm cyst on left ovary and stage 1 endometriosis
January 2010: switch to RE#2 when RE#1 says he won't consider doing a lap; second SA shows low count, low motility (0% moving rapidly), and 68% abnormal morphology; lump found in right breast
November 2009: Clomid + Estrogen + Ovidrel + IUI#2 = BFN (8.5 mm lining; 24mm and 18mm follies on righty; 11 million swimmers post-wash with 32% motility)
October 2009: consult with RE#1; Clomid + Estrogen + Ovidrel + IUI#1 = BFN (7 mm lining; 18mm follie on lefty and 19 mm follie on righty; 11 million swimmers post-wash with 68% motility)
June 2009: moved home to Florida
May 2009: HSG clear
March 2009: colposcopy; first SA shows 25% abnormal morphology; cyst resolved; blood work normal
February 2009: annual visit to OB/GYN; 4.5 cm cyst found on left ovary; Dx with infertility and mild cervical dysplasia
December 2008: started thinking there was a problem
May 2008: we're married; started trying to have a baby (say hello to charting, temping, and peeing on sticks)