my story

Welcome to my blog. I'm Katie, and I live in Orlando with my husband (Joey), our daughter (K), and our miniature dachshund.

Joey and I have known each other since 2001. It was love at first sight for me, but it took over two years and some arm-twisting on my part before we started dating in 2003. After that, the rest was history. Joey proposed in 2007 and we married on May 24, 2008. Happily ever after, right?


I expected to get pregnant immediately after the wedding. Instead, what followed were nine months of frustration, anger, and failure getting pregnant. In February 2009, I went into my gynecologist's office hoping for a prescription for Clomid and a pregnancy the following month. I walked out with the knowledge that my life would never be the same, and that we would most likely never conceive a child naturally.

With one surgery and four failed IUIs under our belts, we faced the dreaded three-letter acronym that infertile couples never want to face: IVF. In my heart, I knew that I was meant to be a mom. There was no doubt about it. But neither of us were prepared to face the physical and emotional risks involved with IVF. So in November of 2010, after many discussions amongst ourselves and our family members, we announced our decision to pursue adoption. Nearly one year later, on November 8, 2011, our profile became active and we were officially a "waiting family" with our agency. Eight months later, on June 21, 2012, our lives changed forever. We were matched with a baby girl due August 3. We met the expectant mother on June 29, and just three days later, we became parents through domestic infant transracial adoption. Our family was finally complete.

Though this blog is no longer "active," I'm happy to speak about any infertility or adoption-related issues. I can be reached through via email at katieschaber (at) or at my new space, No Ways to Say It.

Thank you for reading!