Tuesday, March 11, 2014

new city, new doc

Starting over with a new doctor is hard for anyone. Starting over with a new doctor when you're infertile and have a medical history that prints out longer than Ulysses is a nightmare. You worry about picking the right person. Does she have any experience with infertility patients? Will she think I'm a quack? Will I think she's a quack? Will she be insensitive about certain topics?

These were just a few of the questions on my mind last when when I arrived at my first appointment with a gynecologist here. The poor woman was clearly prepared for a quick, 15-minute check-up when she entered the room. And then we started on my medical history.

An hour later, I had my exam. Oops.

She's the first female gyn I've had in years. I was particularly nervous about how I might like her personality, which I find key in whether I'm going to stick with a doctor. But she was very straightforward and matter of fact. She didn't scold me for not being on birth control, despite infertility. She didn't make jokes about getting pregnant after adopting. She was exactly what I wanted: no nonsense, no bullshit.

After going through everything -- the infertility, the endo, the cysts, the breast lumps, the surgeries -- we talked in length about my pain management and decided that it would be best for me to go back on progesterone. We needed something that would manage my pain and put off another surgery while also limiting my risk for breast cancer and lowering my risk for endometrial cancer. It's not ideal, but progesterone can do all of those things for me, and I've had success with it previously.

My breast exam was clean, and I'm still waiting on my pap results. Overall, I would call it a good visit. No bombshells or major surprises, which I'm always ready for at these appointments (and which my blood pressure gave away). Now, we just "wait and see" whether the progesterone works or whether we move on to other options.

And I rejoice on having found a decent doctor on the first try.


It Is What It Is said...

A major hurdle crossed. Congrats!

And, I hope the P4 therapy is helpful.

Glass Case of Emotion said...

what a relief!