Friday, January 31, 2014

simple kind of life

I had two goals this year: read more and write more. This is my sixth blog post and I've finished one book.

Translation? I'm slacking. But I'm not blogging as much because I'm busy trying not to slack in other areas of my life. Days move quickly, and before I know it, another week has passed with little to no writing or reading (other than brief news articles).

We are very settled in at this point to life as Seattle-ites. We have WA state licenses, tags, etc. I've somewhat figured out the bus system. And we've managed to navigate driving fairly easily through the streets of downtown. It's been interesting adjusting to big city life. Somedays, I think I may start blogging about my daily trips downtown. The bus rides alone could provide weeks worth of material. Then, I remember that I'm too busy to keep up with this space, let alone manage another.

The weather has of course been a challenge for us, coming from Florida, but we've been adapting well. We've learned that activities can't stop for a little rain, and that a sunny day -- even when cold -- is best spent taking advantage of the outdoors. The views from every angle of this city are incredible, and I think I may never get tired of staring at Mt. Rainier.

K is doing well. She's enjoying her new school and still working on using her words. She got sick this past week -- for the first time since we arrived in Seattle. It was over in a day, which gives me hope that she's finally built up her immune system to resist some of these daycare germs.

Currently, the excitement in my life consists of being addicted to Orange is the New Black and finding recipes for our new Dutch oven.

For the first time in ages, everything feels simple. And I like it.


Becky said...

Simple is so good.

It Is What It Is said...

I let out an audible 'ohhhh'. I love this for you!

dspence said...

LOVE that last line. So happy for your family!

Jen said...

Glad to hear things are going well for you in Seattle! I would think the weather would be a HUGE adjustment, so that's great if it isn't bothering you too much….
Olive and Jude are very behind on their words as well, and Olive JUST started walking at 16 months. I never know how much their "preemie-ness" plays into these things or if it's just life!