Tuesday, January 21, 2014

18 months

K had her last "baby" well visit earlier this month, and it was with our new pediatrician here in Seattle. I was nervous, heading to a new doctor. We were rather attached to our old pedi, and we were sad to leave her during the move. But all was fine with this visit, and I think we will continue to see this doctor in the future. She seemed very practical and down-to-earth, and I liked what she had to say about growth and development.

We are still on the low end of the growth charts. She weighs 20 lbs. even and is just under 31 inches long. Much like our last pedi, the new doc didn't seem too concerned about her size given her circumstances. I expressed slight concern about K's eating habits, which are hit and miss these days, and she assured me that it tends to yo-yo at her age. She was right, as a week later she was cleaning up anything I put on her plate.

We also spoke about talking. K's very good about pointing to items when we ask her to or following commands ("Get your jacket." "Close the door." Etc.). However, talking has been a bit slow. She asked me to keep an eye on it, and we will reevaluate it at her two-year appointment. The good news is that she doesn't think that it's anything too serious or a sign of a larger issue, due to other factors -- since she is extremely social and does things like follow commands, make eye contact, and recognize words and objects. In any case, I thought it might be a good idea to start tracking what she says or attempts to say. So far, we have: mama, dada, papaw, dog, book, duck, yay, uh oh, bye bye, no, and bus. We also have attempts at banana and penguin.

It's crazy to me that the next time we head in for a well visit, she'll be TWO years old. My tiny little baby is no longer a tiny little baby. She's a full-blown toddler now, running around and wreaking (adorable) havoc:

(Side note: this photo was tweeted by the Seattle Seahawks before Sunday's game!)


JustHeather said...

So glad to hear the 18month visit went well with a new doctor.

We have a lot of "uh oh/oho!" in our house...most times funny, some times frustrating. lol

It Is What It Is said...

I notice, with Baby G, that almost daily, signs of his babyness are receding and his toddlerness are coming forward. It makes be both proud and wistful.

Happy 18 mos, girlie, you'll be TWO soon enough!

Mina said...

Reminds me so much of my George. Eating is still hit and miss, sometimes he polishes off plates he meets randomly in his way, but most of the times he just survives on cereal, toast and fruit. Though he eats better at kindergarten, apparently.
He started talking real late, his words were not comprehensible not even to us, had loads of made up words, which funnily other kids picked up and still use, picked up grammar it seems only yesterday (he is 3 1/2), but caught up, he did. Everything else was fine, so we followed the no-therapy approach they advise over here. When I see my 18 mo talking better than his big brother did at 2 years of age, it breaks my heart all over again. But at least now I know the outcome, so it is just motherly heartbreak and that is all.

Rebecca said...

That picture is great! :)

We're in a similar place weight/size-wise. At 21 mo (19 adjusted, I suppose) the boys are still just 21 lbs. They're about 32 or 33 inches. Their doctor is fine with it as they are following their own growth trajectories, but I hear about a friend's son who is 22 pounds at 6 months (admittedly, that's rather large) and I feel like I must be starving my boys. They eat pretty well, though, but just are small and constantly are on the move. It's just how they started out.

At 18 months we were at about the same place with words and I was also starting to get a little nervous. But, in the past month (20-21 months or 18-19 adjusted) the boys' vocabulary has exploded. So, hopefully it is just around the corner for K, too.

I can't believe 2 is coming so soon for all of us!! I really don't understand where the time goes!