Thursday, December 12, 2013

hello, again

Hi. Remember me? I'm the girl who blogged every day last month, got totally burnt out, and then disappeared for a bit. It's nice to see all of you.

Maybe you're wondering (or maybe you don't care, and that's ok too) how we've been adjusting to life in Seattle. We've been here for nearly two weeks now. The first few days were rough. It wasn't just the time change, it was everything -- the stress of moving, starting jobs, etc. all at once. But I'm happy to report that we are starting to get into a routine. Once we had the house unpacked and the furniture together, things seemed a lot less crazy. K started at a new school on Monday, J's now in his second week at work, and I started my new job yesterday. And Danica? Well, she's adjusting to being a cold weather, city pup.

I promise I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging soon. Until then, enjoy giggling at my wiener dog wearing her sweater.


Rebecca said...

Yep, that's adorable. :)

Glad to hear the move is good so far!

someday-soon said...

Happy the adjustment is going well! Danica looks fetching in argyle =)

Jenny said...

Adorable dog in an adorable sweater! I'm glad you're all adjusting!