Sunday, November 10, 2013

the first of many good-byes

Another day in what I'll now dub "the moving chronicles." Otherwise known as "I have to blog every day this month and moving is the only thing that's happening in my life right now."

Since we have a cross-country trek, we are downsizing, and Seattle is one of those cities where it doesn't make sense to have two cars, we are getting rid of a lot of items -- including Joey's vehicle.

I don't get too attached to "things," but it was a little sad saying good-bye to Pete (our Jeep) today. We've had him for five years. He drove us to our wedding. He moved us back home to Florida. He helped us buy our house and adopt Danica. And, of course, he is the car we brought K home in.

Thanks for all of the wonderful memories, Pete, and I hope that you have more good times ahead of you with your new family.


Amy said...

I love this! I wrote an open letter to our Monte Carlo when it was time to buy a new car. I'm pretty sentimental anyway, but it was extra bittersweet when I remembered how many memories we had in that car (including our first date and first of many trips to the RE). Good luck with your move!!

dspence said...

I love Jeeps, especially that *slightly* older body style. Pete looks pretty hot - hope he makes the new owners very happy!

KeAnne said...

So long, Pete :-( I get attached to my vehicles - you spend so much time in them that it seems logical. I hope Pete goes to a good home.