Tuesday, November 26, 2013

new adventure

Today is my last day at work.

I started at Full Sail back in the fall of 2010, and I've worked for three different departments -- which (working in higher education) means that I've had the chance to interact with a number of individuals in my organization. As a result, I've met so many amazing people here. I've built friendships that I hope will last a lifetime, and I've learned from some incredibly talented and intelligent people.

Not all of my time here was happy. I've also experienced heartache, and I think that aspect is going to be the most difficult one to leave. These were the people who surrounded me when Ani passed away. These were the people who shared my grief. It will be hard to leave the space that I shared with him each day and the people who I grew close with because of him.

But what I won't leave behind is his spirit. I will carry with me the love and kindness that he showed me and the compassion he showed others, always.

Here's to a new adventure. Thank you, Ani and Full Sail, for paving the way.

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JustHeather said...

Good luck with your new endeavors!