Saturday, November 9, 2013

moving right along

We started packing up the house today. It is a little surreal seeing the place that we've made our home these last three years with bare walls and boxes in the corners. More on this in the coming weeks, I'm sure, as I begin to process the move away from our first home.

Things are progressing well, for the most part. The pod is scheduled. We arranged for my car to be shipped. We sell Joey's car tomorrow and head out west on Thursday to tour apartments and check out daycares.

We were supposed the have the appraisal report on the house yesterday, but we are still waiting. Once this guy stops dragging his feet, we should be done with all of the waiting re: the house sale until closing. Thank god, because I've decided that selling a house is far more stressful than buying. In fact, this makes me never want to buy again -- for fear of dealing with the selling process.

The kiddos know something is up, I think mostly because our house is in disarray. Especially Danica. But perhaps it was testing her travel arrangements that gave it away... I'll never know!


mommy someday said...

Best wishes with your move!

Secret Sloper said...

Aww, little Danica. Be warned, when we moved apartments 5 years ago Bella had a rough adjustment for a week or two, barking in terror every time we left the house. Eventually she settled down but we were very worried those first few weeks.