Monday, November 11, 2013

more of your adoption questions answered

A couple of years ago, I hosted a Q&A on my blog about domestic infant adoption. And since it's National Adoption Awareness Month, I've decided that now is the perfect time to do this again.

Questions asked last time:

  • What is a home study? 
  • How much does an average adoption cost? 
  • How much of that money is due up front? 
  • Are you doing closed, open, or semi-open adoption? 
  • Once you are on the waiting list, how long does it take to get a baby? 
  • Does the birth mother pick you or do you pick the birth mother (or child)? 
  • Are you told every time someone looks at your profile? 
  • What is a "match"? 
  • When does a match occur? 
  • What happens if a birth mother changes her mind? 
  • Do you get to name the baby? 
  • How soon can you take the baby home? 
  • After the match fee and the paperwork fee, where do the rest of the fees come from? 
  • Are you able to tell your agency in advance your match budget or do you have to be okay with $30,000? 
  • The company I work for was purchased by another larger company and they offer adoption assistance which wouldn't come close to covering it, but I guess I'm curious if many companies offer this or if it is like IF coverage (i.e. you're lucky to have it). 
  • Will you post who you are using for your adoption services? And your opinion of their service?
  • When should you tell your employer about your plans to adopt? I know that all the people who get pregnant don't go telling their boss that they are having baby-making sex and wait to say something until they are a few months along, usually. So, when is a good time to broach the topic when adopting? 
  • When adopting domestically, do you have the opportunity to choose the race of the baby? What happens if the mother of the baby doesn't know the father's race because she isn't sure who the father is? 
  • Can you recommend some good adoption resources (books, websites, etc.) to help answer more questions?

Are there any questions you have about domestic infant adoption that aren't listed above? If so, leave them in the comments section and I will answer them in a blog post later this week.

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Jana said...

How do you handle the waiting? We're working through an agency and are in a family profile book with 59 other families. We've been in the book 8 months. It feels like forever! I'm going crazy and wonder if we will ever become parents. Any advice on how to get through this time?