Monday, November 25, 2013

16/17 months

Thanks to all of the moving excitement, I haven't had much of a chance to update on Miss K.

Personality: She's turning 17 months a week from today, which blows my mind -- thinking that her second year has almost reached the halfway point. She's always on the go. She never sits still, even when she's sleepy. I can't wait until she gets old enough to enroll in classes like gym and dance because she's going to enjoy all of that activity. She's starting to get into pretend play, too. She enjoys hosting tea parties with her tea set and she likes to play kitchen with tupperware and plastic utensils.

Development: We've made a little progress with talking. Her favorite thing to say is "uh oh." She knows what it means, but she enjoys saying it for just about everything. She especially loves dropping items on purpose and saying "uh oh." Beyond that, she certainly tries to repeat what we are saying but doesn't quite grasp some of the sounds yet. She does, however, recognize items very well when you ask her to point them out. (For example: Where's Elmo? Where's your nose?) She also mimics movements and actions constantly. She's learned how to blow her nose, just by watching other people do it. And even though we rarely let her play with our phones or the iPad, she knows exactly the motions you are supposed to use with the touch screen. She picks up on everything very quickly. Rarely do I have to show her how to do something twice.

Growth: She continues to lag behind in size, and I think this will always be the case. She broke the 20-pound mark, with clothes on, when she had her follow-up with the ENT to check on her ear tubes last week -- which look great. We've moved into 18-month clothes, but most are a little big on her. Luckily, her cloth diapers take up plenty of room, so they don't appear much bigger than her except for in length. I feel like I'm always running around behind her, trying to roll up her pant legs. But she eats like a horse and drinks plenty of milk, so there's no concern about her size.

Sleep: We are on a fairly regular schedule with sleep: 7 pm to 6 am (which should go completely out the window at the end of this week when we move to a different time zone . . . fun!). She usually wakes up a couple of times a night, but in most cases, she puts herself back to sleep within a few moments. We have been dealing with night terrors, though, and they've become more frequent as of late. I know that she doesn't remember them, but it's definitely terrifying for Joey and I to watch. In those cases, we have to pick her up and comfort her in order for her to settle down.

Likes: Macklemore, Sesame Street, bananas, tacos, toy cars, anything that plays music, dancing, balloons, getting into kitchen cabinets, stuffed animals, waving "hi" and "bye" (even at photos on the wall), shaking her head "no"

Dislikes: men (particularly men with beards), riding in the car, sour cream, getting her diaper or clothes changed, wearing anything on her head

I'll end with a photo from our visit with Santa, which took place yesterday. Despite the smile, she wasn't too fond of Santa this year and insisted upon sitting on my lap rather than his. But thanks to the photo crew, we still managed to get some adorable shots. The family one is going on this year's Christmas card!


It Is What It Is said...

Such a happy update.

GREAT luck with the move and all things ancillary to it.

aryanhwy said...

Arg, my comment just got deleted.

Anyway, budget 1 day per hour of time change for adjustment, plus another few days to get used to a new environment. I've done a number of multiple-time-zone trips with my daughter in the last 2 years, and even as recently as 20 months that was pretty reliable. The trip we just got back from (just after her 2nd birthday), was unfortunately pretty bad, with her never quite adjusting to the 7 hour difference in the 10 days we were back in the US, but I'm holding out hope that this means she'll go back to German time without problem!

Dianne S said...

That Santa picture is precious. Safe travels.

Glass Case of Emotion said...

I was wondering how you handled this photo. V is going to be TERRIFIED. I want to try though! So cute!