Tuesday, October 8, 2013

dear congress

Dear Congress (or, you know, the few of you who don't want to play nicely):

Please, do the American people a favor and kindly remove your heads from your asses. Once you've done so, take a look around you and enjoy the view of what I'd like to call the "real world."

What does the real world consist of?

For starters, it consists of adults who go to work and actually do their jobs in order to earn a paycheck. (Unless they are furloughed government employees, of course. Then, they work for free.) What none of these people do is throw temper tantrums until their bosses or their coworkers cave and submit to their childish behaviors. They realize that there is a process. There are "laws" and "rules" by which they have to abide. Do you know what happens to "real" people when they don't do their jobs? They get voted off the island. I wish we could vote some of YOU off the island. Now.

It consists of men and women without health insurance because they've lost their jobs or they have preexisting conditions that prevent(ed) them from receiving healthcare. So, in order to get medical coverage and to ensure they maintained other rights afforded to them by the United States government, they went to the polls on November 6, 2012, and they voted -- overwhelmingly so -- for leaders who would keep the Affordable Care Act in place. I'm sorry if you don't like it. Next time, earn more votes.

It consists of senior citizens who need government programs like Social Security and Medicare to survive. Veterans who deserve everything they've earned, and more, for fighting for our country. Children who need to be clothed and fed. People who do not have second jobs or large bank accounts to fall back on when they are out of work or without a paycheck. Those who've come across hard times. Those who need a little bit of help brushing the dirt off and getting up again. Those who worked tirelessly to try to better their situations and they can't seem to catch a break.

But, most importantly, it consists of citizens who truly believe that our country cannot be the land of opportunity unless we, as citizens, support one another -- especially those that need help standing. While some of you are busy trying to push your own agenda, there are many Americans who are stepping up to the plate to bat in your absence: from the couple who donated millions to fund Head Start during the shutdown to the ordinary, everyday men and women who are donating food, clothing, and baby items to local shelters.

So, soak it in. Enjoy the fresh, shit-free air. And then do us all a favor: vote on a clean bill to fund our government.