Wednesday, October 2, 2013

15 months

It's hard to believe that there are only three months left in 2013. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and New Years. Now, both holidays are rapidly approaching again.

K turns 15 months old today. I'm happy to report that she's moving around a lot more on her feet than she is via crawling. I think it just took her a few weeks to gain a bit of confidence in her steps. She has a doctor's appointment next week, but recent trips to the office (for a 24-hour virus and a bad diaper rash) have shown us that she's slowly but surely nearing the 20 lb. mark. I think at last check she was 19 lbs. 8 oz. with clothes on.

She's also becoming more vocal. She's said "dada" for quite a while now, but she's expanded her vocabulary in recent weeks to include "dog," "bye," "yay," and - at long last - "mama." She's also trying to mimic words that I say. The other night, she had a cow in her hand from her farm set, and I said, "Cows go moo." She then tried several times to say "moo." I'm looking forward to the coming months as she learns new words and phrases, mostly because it's become difficult to determine what she wants. She'll sometimes point and babble at things, and I'm not sure what she's saying or asking! I think this is one of the ways we could have benefitted from more baby sign language, but that's okay. She does know "more," which she uses regularly at meal times.

Sleep is hit or miss. For the most part, she does well - averaging around 12 hours at night, sometimes longer, with one two-hour nap during the day. Then, there are some nights where she tosses and turns. I think part of it is teeth (she has 11 now, with several more on the way), but the rest may be growth/development related.

It's no surprise that she has quite a bit of spunk to her. We call her "the diva" or "the drama queen," and she lives up to these standards. She's stubborn, demanding, and independent. She wants things HER way and on HER time. We've already witnessed a few tantrums, and I'm sure there are more in our future. (I swear, this is karma for all of the times that I had an attitude with my mother as a child.) But despite the occasional meltdown, she is loads of fun. Her laughter is infectious, and I love watching her and Danica play together each night. She's also incredibly loving. She gives us so many kisses and cuddles, and it melts my heart each and every time she does it.

Parenthood isn't always easy; however, it's more than worth every single obstacle we endured along the way. It's amazing to watch her grow every day, and we love her to pieces.


Rach said...

Cant believe she's getting so big! She's so adorable, love her little curls coming in. Plus her big happy smile.

someday-soon said...

She's so adorable! Sounds like she'll be running in no time now =) We had the messed up sleep due to teeth around that age too. Hopefully that'll be slowing down soon.

It Is What It Is said...

So happy for you, for every little bit of parenting joy you have.