Monday, June 3, 2013

11 months

This is a baby-related post. Please feel free to skip if you are not comfortable reading.

K turned 11 months old yesterday!

Weight & Length: She won't have another official weight and length check until her one year, but I'm guessing she weighs close to 17 lbs. now. Joey and I have a bet as to whether she'll hit 18 lbs. before her one year check-up. I don't think she will, but he does. We'll soon find out!

Sleeping: Sleep has been a little wonky since we got back from our trip. She's still asleep by 7 pm and wakes up anywhere from 6 to 7 am. But she's sometimes up 2 to 3 times a night. I'm not sure if it's developmental or separation anxiety - or a combination of the two.

Eating: She's still taking 5 ounces each bottle and and averaging between 23 and 26 ounces a day. She also takes 4 tablespoons of oatmeal, 3 oz of Greek yogurt, two pouches of fruits and veggies, and she's eating tons of finger foods. We are always experimenting with new foods, and she's getting better with the sippy cup. She'll take an ounce or two of water out of it at snack time.

Clothing: We are moving out of the 9-month clothing and getting more into the 12-month.

Personality: We are seeing a lot more interaction with K and Danica. Not that they didn't interact before, but there wasn't much they could do with each other (aside from K petting Danica and Danica constantly licking K). It's so much more fun now that they are able to play together. K "chases" Danica, and Danica goes into play mode right away - though she's much more gentle playing with K than she is when she plays with us. I don't know how dogs know these things, but I love it. She will even bring K her toys to throw.

We are also noticing more interaction between K and her classmates when we are at school with her. She's going up to her peers and greeting them in the mornings, always with a smile. She's very rarely in a bad mood. In fact, the other day at school, I jokingly asked K if she was the "crier" in the class, and one of her teachers replied, "She's definitely NOT the crier. More like the talker and she loves to hear herself scream!" It's nice to know that she's just as happy at school as she is when she's with us.

Milestones & Firsts: K has been crawling full-speed ahead, and now she is standing, as well. She can't quite stand on her own yet (only for a few seconds at a time), but I have no doubt she'll be doing this soon. She's starting to take steps while holding onto furniture, too. Sitting still is no longer an option. We are constantly on the go with her, chasing her everywhere around the house. In addition to the standing, we've welcomed tooth #7 in the last month, celebrated our first mother's day, and went on our first overnight trip without K.

This will likely be my next-to-last installment of the monthly updates. I'll do a special post for her 1st birthday, but discontinue the regular posts beyond that. I promise I'll still write about her, of course. It just won't be in this format. It's been fun to reflect on her growing over these posts in the last year, and I'm still somewhat shocked that we are quickly approaching 365 days of having her in our lives. It seems unreal to me - in the most amazing way.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, K! What a little peanut!!!

It Is What It Is said...

Yay for thriving K and thriving mama!

Rebecca said...

Isn't it crazy when they suddenly are on the move CONSTANTLY? I don't know how it happened! Just ***BAM*** toddlers.