Wednesday, April 3, 2013

9 months

This is a baby-related post. Please feel free to skip if you are not comfortable reading.

K turned 9 months old yesterday. Time is flying by way too fast. We almost have an entire year behind us!

Weight & Length: She went to the doctor today for her 9 month check up. She weighs 15 lbs. 7.5 oz. (5%) and is 26.85 inches long (20%). The pedi is happy with how she's eating and developing, despite the slower weight gain these last few months. She's just going to be a petite girl.

Sleeping: Between 8 months and now we had a huge turnaround in sleeping. K now sleeps about 10-12 hours a night. Most nights, she'll sleep straight through. Occasionally, she'll fuss once or twice, but usually giving her a pacifier and a few pats on the back will put her right back to sleep. Naps have also improved. She usually naps twice a day now, for at least an hour each time - sometimes longer when she's at daycare

Eating: She's taking 5 ounces each bottle and and averaging between 23 and 25 ounces a day. She also takes 8 tablespoons of oatmeal and two pouches of fruits and veggies (7 ounces) a day. We've also been experimenting with finger foods. So far, she hates meat, beans, and rice. But she loves avocado, bananas, Cheerios (sometimes), bread, cheese, and fruit puffs.

Clothing: We are exclusively in 9 month clothing now.

Personality: She is still as happy as ever. We say "yay" and clap a lot when she does something like finishes her food or stands on her own or pulls herself up, and she laughs and has sometimes started trying to clap along with us. She loves to cuddle and she's started to pucker her lips when you tell her you want a kiss. We started her at a new daycare earlier last month, and the first few days were a little hard on her. We could tell that she was having some stranger danger issues. But since then, it's been great. We can tell it's been a good change because she's been a lot more vocal when we get her home.

Milestones & Firsts: I predicted she would be crawling by 9 months, but K still won't go forward! She will go backward and around in circles to get places, yet she refuses to move forward. She does hold herself in a standing position well. I'm starting to wonder if she'll crawl at all, or if she'll just end up walking. It's hard to tell. I have remember that she's still not even 8 months old adjusted age. She got her third tooth yesterday on her 9 month "birthday." She also had her first St. Patty's Day and Easter in the last month, tried finger foods for the first time, and met the Easter Bunny. But the biggest milestone? We have our first word. It happened on Monday. She said "dada." :)


It Is What It Is said...

Love to read about her and her milestones (esp as a mom to a 3 1/2 month old)

Yay for babies!

Maria Rothenburger said...

Awww...yay for her first word! How did she do with the Easter Bunny? My son vehemently refused...wouldn't even do the "high five" thing. LOL

Katie said...

Maria: She was NOT amused by the Easter Bunny. She didn't cry, but she had a pouty face the entire time. I'll admit that the bunny costume was slightly creepy, though, so I can't say I blame her!

Rebecca said...

YAY! She just sounds so awesome! :)