Friday, March 8, 2013

8 months

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This is a baby-related post. Please feel free to skip if you are not comfortable reading.

Weight & Length: We don't have her next official weight and length check until 9 months. However, K has been sick so much this month that she hasn't gained a single ounce - at least not according to her last doctor's appointment on Wednesday. (She's had an ear infection in both ears since late January.) We have one final dose of antibiotics via shot today. If her ears have not improved since they last saw her on Wednesday, she will need tubes. :(

Sleeping: Sleep isn't happening much because of the ear infections. On the days where the infection hasn't been bad, she'll sleep through the night - about 10 hours straight. But on the bad nights? Even co-sleeping doesn't calm her down. Poor girl is tired almost all the time. So are mom and dad!

Eating: She's still averaging about 4 ounces each bottle and around 20 to 22 ounces a day. She's eating more solids with each passing week. Right now she takes about 8 tablespoons of oatmeal a day, plus at least one pouch of fruits and veggies (sometimes two pouches, depending on her mood). We are going to start finger foods this weekend.

Diapers: We are still using cloth diapers at home, but daycare will only do disposable. So we are using Huggies Natural Care there, and she's still in a size 2. However, we are switching daycares next week due to some issues with her current school. The new school does accomodate cloth diapers, and I am very excited about this.

Clothing: She is wearing some 6-month and some 6-9 month. I'm hoping the finger foods and solving the ear infections will help her put on some pounds and get her bumped up to the 9 month size.

Personality: Despite being sick for almost the entire month, her personality remains the same: happy as could be. She has taken up our love for music. We don't allow her to watch TV (in fact, it's almost never on when she's awake), but we play music all the time. She loves everything from The Beatles to The Foo Fighters. And she dances! She will bounce up and down while one of us stands her up, and she will do it until she can't hold herself up anymore. It's hilarious. I see dance classes in her future.

Milestones & Firsts: Between 7 and 8 months, K had her first Groundhog Day, watched her first Super Bowl, had her first hospital visit (boo), got her first two teeth in (the bottom front teeth), and celebrated her first Valentine's Day. She's also scooting every which way now but forward. Her favorite way to "move" at the moment is round and round in circles. I predicted a while back that she would crawl by 9 months and walk by 1 year. We're about to find out if I'm right.


dspence said...

Poor baby to have been sick for so long! Sure hope she gets to feeling better soon. How exciting that the new daycare will do cloth diapers! Woo-hoo!

Emily said...

If she does need tubes, don't be sad about it! All three of mine just got them two weeks ago and they have been different children since. They were happy before, but since they've gotten them they haven't stopped smiling and they've gained quite the personalities. Plus, they sleep better at night, which is awesome!

Glad to hear she's doing so well!

someday-soon said...

Ear infections are the worst! We went through periods of no weight gain due to illness too. She'll catch up =) Hang in there, Spring is around the corner and hopefully so is a long period without illness!

Rebecca said...

Poor kid to be so sick!

I sympathize with the lack of weight gain -- S is trucking along but D has stayed pretty stagnant for a month. We just can't get him to eat more -- either milk or solids. And, he's just SO active that he burns it all off! Blah.