Friday, February 22, 2013

follow up

Thank you for your comments on my last post. It was hard to write, mostly because I didn't want it to come across the wrong way. In no way did I intend to make it sound like I didn't get support during my adoption wait. I received a great deal of support from some amazing friends in this community. Members of this community are who encouraged me that adoption WAS a good option for us, and I certainly don't regret that decision.

I just intended to stress that we all have a place in this community. It may seem, at times, difficult to find that place. (Like now, for me.) But it's there. I hope that we can continue to be a community of inclusion rather than exclusion and respect each other's choices to resolve infertility. This isn't the end to this topic for me. I know there is more I want to expand on, and I am going to work on that.

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