Thursday, April 19, 2012

learning, part two

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) starts on Sunday, and I stress the importance of sharing your story during this time. I know that can be difficult. Living your story is painful enough; sharing it can be torture. But it's stories like this one that inspire me to move forward and to share. Because if Suleika can face cancer and tell her story to the world, I firmly believe that all of us can.

Each of us has a person (or several people) who has encouraged us, inspired us, and taught us something on this journey. I'd love to hear comments about who that person is for you, but you should also know that you could be that person to someone else - if you choose to share your story. Sometimes I get frustrated that I'm still waiting. It can be a lonely place after four years when there aren't too many people left to hold your hand while you wait. But I always try to think of those people who were there with me at one point. I think of how they are busy holding the hands of their little ones, and it makes me smile to know that they were successful in becoming parents. Maybe someday I will be, too. For now, though, I want that frustration of not reaching my resolution to go toward something good - to educate others on this disease.

I hope all of you will, too.

For more information on NIAW, please visit RESOLVE's website.


missohkay said...

You are an inspiration to so many! I try to be open about my RPL since more than anything, in the beginning I was just looking for someone else who'd shared my experiences. You never know whose life you're touching by sharing your story - even if they don't tell you!

Ashley's Journey In Life said...

I too will be sharing my story and giving insight during awareness week!

Arlyne said...

I just wanted to thank you for being one of those people for me, & to let you know that even though I do have my little one, I have not forgotten about those who are still waiting & I'm still here to hold your hand in any way I can! xoxo

Court said...

I've met so many women through the Infertility and blog community to help me through this process. There are simply too many to list. They have all lifted me up in their own ways from just leaving sweet comments, making the step to meet IRL, and even as far as to send me their leftover medications for my upcoming IVF cycle.

This road has been difficult for me, and this month marks my 1 year seeing a RE...I wish that we now had a baby in our arms, but I am grateful for all of the beautiful women that I've met through the process.