Monday, March 19, 2012

life since vacation . . .

. . . has been overwhelming.

The day after vacation, I had two doctor's appointments. The first was with my ENT. I'm pretty sure I blogged about it, but I first went to see an ENT back in January after I'd had several sinus infections within a six-month period. The ENT found a large polyp in my left nostril, and he placed me on antibiotics and steroids to try and shrink the polyp and get rid of any lingering infection.

Instead of an "all clear" at this appointment, I had more polyps! They were smaller than the original, too, which gave the doc a chance to see that I also had a deviated septum. This prompted him to write me a script for a CT scan, which I had done on Thursday (already do we see how much easier of a process this was than my mammogram?!). My official follow-up isn't until this Thursday, but Joey and I already took a sneak peek at my scan, and both of us bet money that he'll need to operate on my sinuses. My airways are obviously blocked, and I have a ton of sinus build-up. While I'm disappointed that 2012 won't be a surgery-free year after two years in a row of getting cut open, everyone - even my mom - raves about how much better I'll feel afterward. No more sinus infections, no more breathing issues at night. So, in a way, I'm kind of hoping he goes up there and cleans things out.

Appointment #2 was my first visit with the breast surgeon. I knew this would be a good, thorough appointment, because I went to see the same woman who operated on my mom's cancer over ten years ago. We met with her in the office first to review all of my scans and history, then she took me into the exam room for an ultrasound. I didn't think that the ultrasound would show anything because the two previous ones hadn't. But she did see the lump. The bad news? The lump doesn't have smooth edges (which is usually a sign that it's a cyst or some other kind of benign/harmless growth) and it's too close to the surface and small to biopsy. The good news, though, is that I don't need surgery on this. She just wants me back in six month to see if it's progressed. Honestly, I'm at peace with both appointments - even with the possibility of needing sinus surgery, because I know it would only benefit me in the long run.

Beyond my appointments, I've been swamped with my last month of school. I've been so distracted, I've yet to make a follow-up appointment with my RE about my prolactin levels and going back on birth control. Ah! As for my blogging absence, I'm hoping to finish some posts up this week that I've been working on neglecting for a while now. If I don't finish at least one other post this week, I'm giving all of you permission to come over and kick me into high gear.

Seriously. Don't let me slack!


nicole said...

My husband had the same issue with his septum/sinus cavity. They removed 5 polyps (cancer free yay), removed extra bones in his face/sinus cavity and broke his septum and re-set it. He said it was uncomfortable for a few days but now (3 weeks later) he's definitely glad he did it. Good luck :0)

Rebecca said...

Sorry that surgery is in your future, again, but hopefully it will be the kind that causes lots of relief!!

I'm glad that the appointment with the breast surgeon isn't leading to another surgery!

Tammy said...

You have such a great attitude about everything. I'd probably be a big baby. I'm going to the dermatologist in April and may need some moles removed -- I think I may need to talk to you first to psych myself up. I know it's better to be safe, but it still scares me.