Thursday, March 29, 2012

it's almost here

No, people, not summer. National Infertility Awareness Week is less than a month away, beginning on April 22! It's my favorite week of the year, and I write that with complete sincerity. NIAW is the one time where infertility lives in the spotlight. It's our time to shine. It's our time to stand up and share the truth about this disease.

This year's theme is "Don't ignore." Those of us who've experienced infertility know first-hand how dangerous ignoring can be - whether it's the physical consequences of ignoring the signs of infertility or the emotional consequences of ignoring someone who suffers from it. Let's use this opportunity to force others not to ignore us or this disease.

How You Can Participate

You can visit RESOLVE's website to learn about all the ways to support NIAW, but in the meantime, here are just a few:

1. Blog about it! We, as bloggers, are crucial to getting the word out about infertility. Including your blog in this initiative will also put you in the running for the Night of Hope award. You might recognize last year's winner on the website. :)

2. Attend Advocacy Day. Advocacy Day is on Wednesday, April 25, and it's important to attend this year more than ever as we're trying to get our Congressional leaders to support the Infertility Tax Credit.

3. Walk in the Walk of Hope. Saturday, April 28, a Walk of Hope will be held in Atlanta, GA. This event aims to bring awareness to the disease and to raise money for RESOLVE.

4. Share Your Story. Whether you choose to do it through your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or RESOLVE, sharing your story is important. Sharing provides a sense of relief from what you're experiencing, it shows others who are battling infertility that they are not alone, and it helps outsiders understand what we are going through.

Sharing is what NIAW is about, and I hope each and every one of you find a way to participate.


Kim said...

I love that your so involved and loved doing so! I wish that Walk of Hope was being held in all major cities where Resolve meetings reside. :(

MrsMann said...

It is both my favorite and least favorite week. Infertility needs to be in the spot light! For that I love it. However, it makes me think on a much deeper level and remember back to my previous N.I.A. weeks. I am excited to say my husband and I are walking in the Walk for Hope in DC in June. Excited is an understand on that.

Mary said...

I just signed up to go to Advocacy Day with my daughter who has/is dealing with infertility. It is such a tough road, this terrible disease, and my heart breaks for her, and all those suffering. I am THERE to support and rally for financial relief!