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Saturday, January 21, 2012

radio silence

My apologies for the radio silence this week on the blog and for not being very active with commenting right now. It's been a busy week. I had my MRI yesterday, but the radiologist who was there to give me the results of the mammogram was not there yesterday - which means I have to wait until sometime next week to get more information.

I wish I had more news for you. I'm sorry I don't. So, while I wait, is there anything in particular YOU would like me to write about? My energy is too spend to devise blog topics right now, and I could use your help. Meanwhile, I'll get started catching up on some reading. I hope I haven't missed anything too big in the blogosphere.


robin said...

Just take care of yourself! I say, don't worry about the blog while you're this busy, your readers will understand :)

Jenn and Casey said...

Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers!! And you could do a 25 things we don't know about you kinda post - those are always fun:)

Leslie said...

No need to apologize! Hope you are able to hear more information soon. Hope you are able to rest this weekend after having a busy week!!

KeAnne said...

Rest up and take care of yourself! I cannot believe the mammogram saga. Healthcare is in bad shape in this country.

Kechara said...

Agreed with the don't owe us posts or anything else! If you WANT to post and are having trouble with ideas, the 25 things idea is a good one for sparking conversation. If you don't really feel like posting, then don't!

Rebecca said...

I have no ideas for you (or I'd be able to come up with an interesting blog post myself...). Thinking of you this week!