Friday, January 13, 2012

five for friday

1. I received an email on Wednesday from the news reporter who is working on the story about my mammogram. Apparently, he reached out to a local awareness group for quotes about this story, and they offered me one sooner than February 1. I'm scheduled for a state-of-the-art, 3D mammogram this afternoon.

2. Emotionally I'm doing much better than I was earlier in the week. I actually decided to contact a therapist and met with her for the first time on Tuesday. She was incredibly understanding and helpful, and I am going to see her again next week.

3. If you haven't done so already, please like and share our adoption Facebook page. The more we can spread the word about our adoption, the better. Sunday marked two months on the waiting list with no phone calls since the first week with the agency.

4. We are saving more money. Not only did our mortgage payments go down, but we are also switching our car insurance company after our current rates went up twice over the past year (for no reason). Joey shopped around and managed to get us a much lower monthly payment. Overall, we should be able to save about $200 more per month. Woo!

5. Here's a random video for your Friday enjoyment. I hope it brings you as many smiles and laughs as it brought me!


amiracle4us said...

So happy you are getting that mammo!! Tell Joey he can work on our morgage and car insurance anytime :)

Rebecca said...

OK, that video was SO AWESOME. It had me in tears. Perfect Friday video!!

I am SO glad that you've got this mammogram scheduled. Wishing you a good experience and good results.

Also very glad the therapist was helpful!

And, yay for saving money!! :)

Leslie said...

The video was awesome! I needed a good smile & laugh while working on an incredibly boring project for work. I hope that everything goes well with the mammogram!!

Her Royal Fabulousness said...

So cool about the savings! Makes me want to go and get new insurance myself.

Just liked your FB page.

Elizabeth said...

I've been following your blog for a few months as a fellow IFer and someone now adopting! Turns out our profiles are on the same page! Good luck to you! I know it's hard to see all those profile views and wonder why there haven't been any calls. :/ I hope you get your call soon! Your profile looks wonderful and your facebook page is a GREAT idea!

cOLey24 said...

I just saw that video, it was SO cute! I could never handle that though, I am way too easily embarrassed.

I've been having problems with my new blog URL; going back to; hope to see you there!