Tuesday, November 15, 2011

baby registry "must haves"

We are lucky to have some pretty amazing family members and friends who've already given us items to prepare for the baby. We already have all the major necessities: a crib, a changing table, clothes, bottles, bedding, a car seat, and a stroller. But when it comes to things beyond this, I'm clueless.

So I decided to use the resources at my disposal to compile a list of "must haves" for any baby registry. It was surprising - but reassuring - to see how many people recommended the same items and brands over and over again.

I wanted to post the list here because 1) it's not useful if I keep it all to myself, and 2) I'm sure those of you non-Tweeters will have some suggestions to add. OF COURSE there are going to be things on here that you don't agree with. To each their own, and I know that some things work for certain babies that don't work for others. This is just a list of all the information I received:

Baby carrier (Brands: Ergo, Moby, Mei Tai, Maya Ring Sling)
Baby monitor (Brands: AngelCare) – many suggested a video monitor
Bath supplies – hooded towels, washcloths, a bath mat to kneel on, tummy tub, bath tub, bath chair for an older baby
Bibs – bibs with snaps, bibs that close on the side, plastic for older babies
Books – board books
Boppy pillow
Bottle brush
Bottle drying rack (Brand: Boon Grass)
Bottle sterilizer (Brand: Philips Avent)
Bottle warmer (Brand: First Years)
Bottles (Brands: Dr. Brown, Tommie Tippee, Playtex Drop-Ins, Born Free, Evenflo) – different sized nipples, sample sets
Bouncy chair
Burp cloths (Brand: Aden & Anais)
California Baby products
Car seat (Brand: Chicco; Britax Boulevard for older babies) – and a second base for other car
Car seat cover (JJ Cole)
Cloth diapers as burp cloths
Cups (Brand: Munchkin)
Diaper bag
Diaper Champ
ExerSaucer or Jumperoo (Brand: Fisher Price Rainforest or Luv U Zoo)
First aid and grooming kit
Gas drops (Brands: Tiny Tummies, Mylicon)
Gripe water
High chair (Brands: Fisher Price Space Saver; Scandinavian Child Anka Convertible)
Kimono shirts
Mesh laundry bags – use for bibs with velcro
Music CDs
Nasal aspirator (Brands: Nosefrida, Graco NasalClear, Comfy Nose)
Onesies – in every size, especially in white onesies
Pacifiers (Brands: Soothies, Wubbanub)
Pack n' Play – with bassinet
Placemats (Brand: Sesame Street Table Topper Disposable Stick-on)
Play Gym/Table (Luv U Zoo; Fisher- Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table for older babies)
Portable changing pad
Sheepskin crib pad
Sheets – many, many sheets, including pack n’ play
Sleep positioner (Brand: First Years Airflow)
Sleepers (Brand: Halo Sleep Sacks) – ones that zip, sleeper gowns that open at the bottom, footie pajamas for older babies
Sound machine (Brand: Graco White Noise Machine, Homedics Sound, Sleep Sheep)
Stroller (Brand: UPPAbaby Vista Stroller) – stroller adapter for car seat
Swaddle blankets (Brands: Swaddleme, Aden & Anais, Miracle Blanket)
Swing/rocker (Brands: Fisher Price Cradle and Lamb, Fisher Price Snug a Bunny, Fisher-Price Precious Planet Blue Sky Open Top Take-Along Swing, Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker, Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper)
Toys (Brand: Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse)
Tummy time mat
Waterproof pads

Also, my Twitter buddy, Kathleen, wrote a great blog post on her "must haves" for the first three months.


Babylicious said...

I made a list of everything we had pre-baby on my blog main page--it's in the section Prior To Arrival. I loved reading through lists to prepare myself so I wanted to make my own :-)

lifeofaleo said...

Don't leave out Beco baby carriers as an option, I LOVE my Beco Gemini, SO versatile, more so than almost any carrier on the market!! Other things I agree are 'must haves'
Boppy Pillow
Sleep sacks or swaddle wraps (not all babies like to be swaddled tho)
Play mat
Space Saver high chair is GREAT
Jumperoo of any sort
Have you given any thought to cloth diapering? (its actually easy, cheap and cute!!)
pack n play (doesnt HAVE to have the bassinet, using it on the top level will work just as well, and last longer weight wise)
car seat is a must, but doesnt have to be a set, i hate the stroller that goes with my seat!! (u can get a frame that fits most seats and then pick out a stroller u love <- wish I had done that!)
bouncy seat for sure
bumbo, some love it and some hate it
I could go on and on, but you have quite a list already!!

I'm so darn excited for you!!!!!!

Deanna: Miss(ed) Conception said...

I have the Angelcare video monitor and I LOVE it!!! It has it all...sound, motion and picture! It's also super easy to use.
I have a Diaper Champ too. While I love the ease, it STINKS! Horrible! I still deal with it bc I'm too cheap to replace it but, be warned...

Deanna: Miss(ed) Conception said...
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missohkay said...

Thank you thank you!!

Jess said...

There is only one thing that I would add that I think is a total must-have: Fisher Price Rock-N-Play Sleeper. Best thing ever!!!!!!!

Marica said...

I don't think the sleep positioner is a good idea...

nobabyruth said...

Just to throw in my two cents…

I absolutely agree with the baby carrier. We have a moby and an Ergo but so far (our LO is 4.5 months) have only used the Moby. She just cannot get comfortable in the Ergo. Yet. I keep trying because I’ve heard such great things. Also (chastise me if you must) our LO would only sleep comfortably on her side in the early months and we would use the rolled up Moby as a bolster behind her. She loved it – I don’t know if it made her feel cozier or just kept her in the position she was happiest in, but it worked…

Our one MUST HAVE is probably the bouncy chair. Baby loves it and it is the only place she’ll sleep when she has a cold. I'd guess a swing would have worked as well but our apartment is small and we never did get one.

A co-sleeper is a life-saver, too. We just used a rocking moses basket next to the bed, but it was key to have the little one right there next to us early on. (She is now in her crib, but still in our room, since we were all so comfortable with the arrangement.)

The nasal aspirator has gotten lots of use in our house, especially now that the LO is in daycare and it’s cold season. We had just the basic bulb one at first but it pretty much sucked. We ended up getting an electric one that I was convinced would be a waste of money and I was totally wrong. It’s so much better!

Portable changing pad is key. I have yet to change the baby on the actual changing pad in her room. Perhaps when she’s actually sleeping in her room it’ll get some use.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the list. There is so much that you’ll need eventually but in the beginning you can get by with just a few essentials. I’d say the shortlist is: carrier, car seat, stroller, cosleeper/bassinet, bouncy chair/swing, changing pad, onesies, bottles… and that might be it!!

Rita said...

You're right--there's going to be some disagreement on some of these things!

We have a regular monitor (Graco Secure Coverage Digital Monitor) and it's more than adequate. I couldn't stomach the cost of a video one and I can't say I've ever felt like I've needed it.

People raved about the Moby so much that I bought one and I'm sure it's great but Grace hated it. Instead, we used our Ergo with the newborn insert when she was small and that worked fine. We'll try the Moby again with the new baby and see what happens.

We use Diaper Genie instead of Diaper Champ and I don't have any complaints.

I really don't think a Pack n Play is essential. We have one and used it just to change diapers. G refused to nap in it. Now, we only use it to keep her contained while we shower.

My top pick stroller is the Baby Jogger City Mini. I LOVE this stroller and it won't break the bank. It folds so easily and it reclines so G can nap. For when G was smaller, we just used a Snap n Go with her car seat (Chicco KeyFit 30). As for bigger car seats, we just switched her to the Britax Marathon. So far so good!

We never used a bumbo. We don't plan on getting one for the new baby either. They look so uncomfortable to me.

I'm so excited for you guys!!

Rebecca said...

How incredibly useful!

nurslouisa said...

Diaper gennie, really really useful unless you enjoy dirty diaper smell.

Secret Sloper said...

Love my UPPAbaby! Have to second that.

Also, I find the video monitor helps me distinguish between when he's actually awake and hungry and when he's just fidgeting/vocalizing in his sleep. Babies are loud sleepers and this way I don't have to jump up every time he makes noises for a few minutes.

someday-soon said...

That is a fantastic list! Most of my musts are on the list. A few comments/additions:
1. We had a sleep positioner but while we were using it (summer of '10) all of them were recalled so you may have trouble finding them.
2. I'd also suggest having a kit with baby ibuprofen, tylenol, glycerin suppositories, nasal mist, over the counter pink eye drops, yeast cream (you can buy the vaginal stuff), diaper rash cream, hydro-cortisone cream, antibiotic cream and a heavy moisturizer (like Eucerine cream). All of these will come in handy at some point and it never fails that when you need them it's always a time you DO NOT want to go out to the store.
3. My sister in law made us some diaper cream that has worked better than anything we've bought. You take a jar of ponds cold cream and mix it half and half with malox (not the mint kind). You leave the mixture out for a few days stirring now and then so that it thickens a little. It's still more runny than store bought creams though. Recently our doctor told us to add 1 teaspoon of hydro-cortisone cream and 1 teaspoon of yeast cream to this mixture.
4. We found this playnest very, very useful from the time she was about 3 months old and she still plays in it, http://www.amazon.com/Galt-6850004-Playnest-Farm/dp/B000296KW6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1321459557&sr=8-1.

So exciting!!!

Nicole said...

That's so sweet of your fam and friends to get the ball rolling on your registry! Here's my two bits of advice (aka my preferences) :)
-My favorite baby carrier when C was little was a "roowrap" (http://auzziebaby.wordpress.com/), and when he got bigger I like a baby bjorn sling.
-I liked bibs with velcro
-I never used hooded towels even though I have like four
-LOVED my chicco carseat (and stroller and high chair and pack n play). And yes, definitely get a second base! Now that C is in a bigger carseat, I really miss that feature!
-I used the medela 5 oz bottles that came with my pump (waste of money!) until C drank more than 5 oz. and then tried a bunch. The kind he ended up liking were the super cheap gerber ones (like $1/each). Yes! I'd recommend having TONS of bottles. We have like 10-12. That way there is ALWAYS a clean bottle when Baby has a hunger attack.
-my Pediatrician recommends a cold air humidifier
-note on onesies, I love the fit of gerber but just know that they run a size small. So the 0-3 size is really for newborns, and so on.
-I have 3 sheets for the crib and 2 for the p-n-p. When baby is little and not rolling around in the crib, get sheet savers. SO much better to swap one of those in the middle of the night than the whole sheet which requires taking off the bumper and everything.
-don't buy too much formula because Baby might need a special kind. Besides they only drink 1-22 oz at a time when they're first born so a little canister will last a while. I'd just get one kind and then run to the store for something else if it doesn't agree with Baby's tummy. We went through a few formula kinds with C and liked similac. If you sign up for their little Mom club they send you coupons and free stuff.

WOW, what a comprehensive list. Nothing else is coming to mind that I would add. Good luck in your preparations.

Dawn said...

We also had the Fisher Price Rock and Play sleepers and they were awesome. My boys slept in them for three months. If I had to do it over again, I would combine it with the boppy noggin nest since the back is kind of hard.

Great list! California baby products weren't that great for my kids skin. The cradle cap shampoo made their hair fall out! I use a goat's milk shampoo and lotion I found in the organic section at the grocery store. But all babies are different and not all of them have my weird skin issues!

If you like to run, I recommend the BOB stroller. I have that and a City Select.

Oh, and one more thing, I found these: www.truewomb.com and I LOVED them. I seriously thought that G was going to have to get a toddler sized one. You have to watch the demo video, I think the idea is so cool.

Logical Libby said...

Isn't is amazing all the stuff they need? I would hold off on the bath chair though, because they use it for such a short time that it's really a waste of money. Same with the Bumbo chair.

Good luck!

erika said...

My most favorite item is a Kol.craft carseat carrier. I attach the carseat to the frame and they form a stroller. It is super light, and I can grab, fold and unfold It with one hand! I love it bc I can fit it in a small space and I don't need to have the bulky stroller with me all the time when I need to push him around.

BroodyIVFMummy said...

You seem to have a great list here. My only comment would be about the hooded towels - I got a few when I was expecting LO but I found them impossible to use as they tell you to...they just aren't big enough. I went out and bought some extra soft, fluffy bath towels just for LO.

I know that they look cute, perhaps one for the pic, but I honestly found them awful to use, and ended up wrapping him up in a big towel as well.

Just thought I'd give my experience to see if it helps.

I'm so excited for you now. Good luck for this next difficult waiting stage x

Baby Registry Tips said...

i listed all items on my registry which you elaborated, thanks a lot!