Sunday, October 30, 2011

what's going on?

Good news! Today I will finally get my car back FIXED. It's been about three weeks or so since my car saga began, and I'm happy to put it behind us. We are lucky to have a mechanic who stuck with it, found the problem, and charged us next to nothing to fix it. (Well, next to nothing compared to what the dealership would have charged us.) Everyone keep your fingers crossed that my poor baby can hold it together now until we pay off our other car.

We're very close to being done with our "interviews" of agencies and attorneys. Right now, it looks like we have one or two strong candidates. It's taken me a little longer than expected because I'm the only one who has the capability of making phone calls during the day, while at work. It's also taken longer because some places just don't return calls or emails. And when they do, they aren't always nice about it. I have a separate post I'm working on about the surprising attitudes I've experienced from people over the last couple of weeks.

I started my new position last week, and I am loving it so far. As of now, I'm working one weekend day a week, but that will go down to two weekend days a month once we hire another full-time staff member. Surprisingly, though, I LIKE working on the weekends and having a day or two off during the week. It gives me time to go to doctor's appointments and run errands that I can't get done on Saturday and Sunday. It's also quiet. Not too many students in the library on Sunday mornings.

Speaking of doctor's appointments, I recently had a follow-up visit with my RE about my prolactin levels. They are now too low, so he adjusted the dosage. I'm getting retested in about 10 days. If it's normal, I can finally go off of the norethindrone. Hooray for no more "fake" menopause and getting my estrogen levels back! You know you are over the hot flashes when you're looking forward to getting a period. Initially, he wanted me to go on a regular birth control pill (something with estrogen and progesterone) once I start cycling again, but I asked him if we could wait. After six months of nothing but hormones going into my body, I need a break. He agreed. Plus, both of us are curious to see what will happen with my cysts now that my prolactin is regulated and I'm going off of the progesterone. Will they return? Or have we solved the problem?

That's about all I have on the update front. I finally finished one of my big term papers this morning. Hopefully this means I'll have a little bit more time for blogging this week.


Kandid Kelli said...

A lot of good news in this post. I am loving that.

I hope you find an agency soon!


AnotherDreamer said...

Yay for good news! Hope you can find an agency soon, and people start returning calls and being nicer... very intrigued for that follow up post.

Trisha said...

Glad things are going in the right direction for you! Deciding on our agency was one of the toughest parts of adoption.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like some great news all around! Glad the new job is going well and glad to hear about the agency and the update for the possibility of no hormones! That would be a nice change!

KT said...

Good luck with finding an agency!

I'm also sick of the hot flashes from the Lupron I have been taking the past two months. Only one month left!!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Glad you got your car back!

lowfatlady said...

Sounds like some great news on all aspects ;)