Wednesday, August 24, 2011

it would be our luck

On Monday night, I came home to a house that was 84 degrees.

Now I keep the air high compared to most people to save energy. I usually set the thermostat between 78-79, keep the blinds shut, and keep the ceiling fans running. If you don't in Florida, your energy bill will be astronomical. But I knew even 84 was high for us. Especially when the temp was still set for 79.

Turns out we had a leak in one of the coils in the air handler. $1,000 of our money at the most inconvenient time: when we are about to go on vacation and have homestudy fees to pay. It could be worse. The part could not have been covered under warranty - which, laugh with me here, expires in exactly one week. The leak could have been in the unit itself, which would mean we need an entire new unit.

I have to laugh. Because this IS the sort of thing that happens to us. It still sucks. Royally.


In better news:
  • My prolactin levels are down. I have another blood draw tomorrow morning to check them again. Hoping they continue to drop! All of the blood work they ran on my thyroid also came back normal, so we've ruled out any issues there.
  • My MIL and FIL have graciously offered to buy our nursery furniture. I never got around to reordering the crib, so this is excellent news. They'll be buying us a crib and a changing table. The first official "gifts" for the baby.
  • It looks like my courses for the fall semester will be easier than previous semesters, and I only have classes one night a week (on Mondays). I can't believe I'm one more semester away from graduating. I feel like I just started yesterday.
  • The paperwork is almost complete. I realize I keep writing this, but I mean it this time. We only have four pages left of the self study and the employer verifications to complete, which means it could be in the mail in the next week. AH!
What's going on in every else's world?


Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about the air conditioner.

Yay for the first baby gifts. How exciting!

thisispersonal said...

Ohmygoodness - nursery furniture!!! That is incredibly exciting. I'm so glad your inlaws are making such a meaningful contribution. That's really wonderful.

I'm so excited for you to get that paper work in! Go go go!

Rebecca said...

That sucks about the AC!!! Yikes!

Glad to hear your prolactin levels are down and that's awesome about the furniture.

I'm so excited about your paperwork being so close!!!

Jin said...

I WISH we only had to pay $1k. Ours completely crapped out and we had to shell out $7k (which we didn't have all of it after replacing other stuff) to replace the whole daggone thing which was like 16 years old. Yikes!

So hopefully that made you feel better :)

Yay for all the good news!

Rita said...

That really sucks about your AC!!

Happy to hear about all your good news, though! That's awesome that your ILs are buying the nursery furniture.

Yay for paperwork almost being done!!

Arlyne said...

I'm laughing very loudly because my central a/c is set to 69 so 86 would be a catastrophe!!! Seriously though, I'm sorry it broke, but am glad it was covered! Excellent news about the furniture & I'm really happy to hear your paperwork is almost complete :) I can't wait to hear that you've been accepted! Xo

Willow said...

Sorry about the AC! I'm in constant terror that something will crap out in our house and we'll be stuck with repairs we can't really afford right now. Fingers crossed...

Yay for the ILs gigging you the nursery furniture! I'm gonna guess they're more reliable than my ILs--MIL and SIL said they would buy our son's crib, so we didn't order it because they were going to--but they never did. This was when he was already home! Eventually we figured out they weren't going to do it and got the crib ourselves, but man I was annoyed!

AnotherDreamer said...

Yuck about the a/c.

Glad the prolactin level is going down, and exciting about the ILs buying the crib and changing table :)

missohkay said...

Yay paperwork! And yay nursery furniture! I'm so excited for you :)

theportofindecision said...

SUCKS about the a/c. Especially in FL. I live in Phoenix, and our heater crapped out last year. We just wore sweaters inside and let our house be around 60 degrees (the desert actually does get COLD at night in the winter) because we figured we didn't *really* need it. But a/c? No way. That shizz has to be fixed.

Happy to read the good news in the second half of your post though :)

Kechara said...

Yay about the furniture!! I'm nervous about the shots for IVF #1.

Mommy ToBe (I hope) said...

So exciting that your in-laws are getting your nursery furniture! Enjoy the planning - good luck with the paperwork!

Logical Libby said...

I feel you on the paperwork. It seemed like every time I thought we were done there was one or seventy more forms.

Yay for nursery furniture!