Friday, July 8, 2011

friday round-up

I feel like I have one more Casey Anthony post in me, but I promise: after that post, you will not hear anymore about that woman on this blog. Unless she gets pregnant or she's arrested again. (Let's face it. Both of those scenarios are likely.)


My MRI results are finally with my doctor. I'm not even going to go into the fiasco it was to get the hospital to transfer my records to my doctor's hospital. All I can write is that it baffles me how in 2011 it can still take a week and a half for once piece of paper to travel 100 miles. Unreal. Anyway, RE #3 is on vacation next week, and I already had 7/22 off, so we are headed over there that morning to talk about the plan.

Meanwhile, I already have the results of my latest blood work thanks to United Healthcare. This happens sometimes. They post the results to my health profile online before I get them from my doctor (a tip for those of you who, like me, are impatient as hell when it comes to these things and who have UHC as your insurance provider). FSH was 5.6. LH was 1.9. My FSH levels have actually gone down from 7 something earlier last year - a good thing. My LH levels are a little low, but that's to be expected. Low LH levels means I'm not having a period, obviously since I'm on birth control. It could also mean a pituitary gland disorder, which we already know I have. Either way, both of these seem like good numbers.


Monday is the last day to vote for the RESOLVE Hope Awards. So seriously: if you haven't done so yet, please click here and go vote for your favorite blog or book.


I hope everyone has a great weekend. Who has exciting plans? Tell me about them so I can live vicariously through you. (My weekend will consist of schoolwork. Not so exciting.)


Rach said...

Ugh, did you hear Casey is considering adoption! HA, yeah right.

Have a great weekend!

It Is What It Is said...

I voted.

I'm done speaking about Casey Anthony and believe that, like OJ, she will get hers.

Dawn said...

My local news cut into the courtroom before the judge came in for Casey's sentence and she was playing with her hair and was winking at people. It was awesome to see her face fall as she realized that she was going back to jail for a bit. I just kept thinking your daughter is dead and you're worried about your hair.

I'm hoping your numbers turn out to be good and your follow up appointment goes well. You deserve some good news for once!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Going to a phils game- I will root for you in spirit! Have a good weekend-

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear things are finally moving along with the results. Can't believe it can be so difficult!

No grand weekend plans here -- sitting on the sofa blowing m nose a lot from my stupid summer cold!!