Monday, June 27, 2011

some (mostly boring) updates

Thank you all again for the sweet congratulations on the RESOLVE award nomination. Voting does not close until July 11, so please make sure you take time between now and then to read the entries and cast your ballot. There are some great books about infertility up for a Hope Award, as well.


We still don't have our crib. We ordered it several weeks ago online, and two weeks later, we were told the order was canceled after the company (I won't name them, to be nice) lost the order in transit. When I asked the customer service woman on the phone WHY they canceled it rather than simply sending us a new one, she asked, "Do you need it now because you're expecting a baby?"

The question caught me off guard. Not because I'm not expecting a baby in a traditional way. But because, well, what the hell else would you put in a crib? I wanted to reply, "No, I just want somewhere to put my husband when he misbehaves." But I didn't. I wasn't sure if she would get my sarcasm.

So, we still need to order a crib. Again. I think I'll be paying the extra money to order it from a store that actually plans on ensuring it arrives. I'd like it to be here by the time we finish the home study paperwork.


Speaking of paperwork, we are on our way. Much of the answers are coming easily, but some are more difficult to navigate. I'm happy to say that about half of the self study questions are complete.


Last, but not least, my MRI was this morning. I hate MRIs. I can do surgeries, blood draws, all kinds of other things just fine. But MRIs? Hell. No. Being stuck in a tiny little tube with absolutely nowhere to go freaks me out.

I CAN do it, though. I work myself up before I get in there, but once I am in there, I can usually talk myself down. I must have done a good job today because the MRI tech said she thought I fell asleep in there since I was so still. She of course couldn't give me any indication (tumor or no tumor). She did say that my doctor should receive the results within the next day or so. Hopefully this means I will hear from RE #3 this week.

Basically, we're waiting. We're always waiting.


A said...

"No, I just want somewhere to put my husband when he misbehaves." HAAAAA!!!!! I totally wish you had said this- seriously, why else would someone be ordering a crib other than if they had a baby in their future?!?!??!

Rebecca said...

Lol, I totally wish you'd said that.

Glad you made it through the MRI ok. Hoping for good results!!

Jen said...

"No, I just want somewhere to put my husband when he misbehaves."


Kelly said...

The crib shit is so ridiculous and what kind of question is that?

I hope that you get the MRI results sooner rather than later. It's also good to hear that things are progressing with your adoption paperwork, too!

Thank you for the updates. And, you know that I already voted. :)

Logical Libby said...

We had no crib for the first three weeks of Meg's life. It was fine though because we never put her down. You probably won't put your baby down either...

If you need help with the questions, give me a buzz. Always happy to lend an ear. I will also send you a copy of our book if you want some ideas.

Stefanie Blakely said...

"No, I just want somewhere to put my husband when he misbehaves."

How much do I WISH you had said this! What a stupid question.

I am so excited that you're plowing through the paperwork... One step closer!!!

To A T said...

LOL You totally should have said that!!!!

Hope you get some good feedback on the MRI!

foxy said...

I am so confused - Why would someone order a crib if they were not expecting a baby? "oh no, I'm infertile, but hoping that maybe someday I'll have a baby in my house, and figured that I'd order the crib now so that I can sit in the baby's room and cry about the fact that there is no baby"

Way to rock your MRI today!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Waiting sucks! And sorry to hear about the crib mess! Can't wait until we are both waiting!

Tillie said...

I hope you get your crib and your answers. I am here for you!!! :) *hugs*

AL said...

Hoping you hear from the doc soon and you are tumor free.

Hooray for progress on the home study paper work!

Trisha said...

I wish you would have said that too! The comments never cease to amaze me with some people! I hope you find out some results soon!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Hoping after the wait comes good news.

And cracked up -- you should have said that to the woman on the phone. Picturing your husband sitting forlorn in the crib.

lowfatlady said...

congrats on the nomination! You should have told that woman about putting your husband in there that cracks me up! I hope you get the results from the mri quickly and it's good news!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations on your much deserved nomination! I voted today....better late than never, right?

S.I.F. said...

Pulling for you friend... on EVERY front.

And I wish you had been just a little sarcastic with her. What a dummy! ;)