Tuesday, December 21, 2010

four things that are on my mind

1. Do you all remember my whole "peace about the holidays" mentality? Yeah, well I think that went out the window at the beginning of my funk. I actually think that might be the reason FOR my funk. While I'm feeling a little bit better than I was last week, I'm still feeling anxious for Christmas to be over and for 2011 to begin. Though I'm not anxious for my vacation to go by quickly: I leave work early on Thursday and don't come back in until January 3. I absolutely love my semi-new job, but I can't wait for a week of relaxation.

2. Danica has been sick. Very sick. She started having explosive diarrhea on Saturday. I'll spare you the gory details; but, I will say that I have to buy a pair of new black flats for work while I'm on vacation. I think it's finally settling down. She's on two prescription medications, and she's lost about a pound. On top of all of this, she also got bit by a bug and it created a hot spot on her neck that we've had to Neosporin and wrap up nightly. My poor baby is falling apart! I keep telling her she needs to feel better before Santa Puppy visits.

3. I keep sitting down to write an actual blog post, and I keep getting sidetracked. I promise one is coming. This week, even. And I will publish it. I won't just let it sit there and float for three weeks and then delete it. (This point is more of a personal note/promise to myself. I'm trying to get motivated, because there are things I want to write about.)

4. The walls at work are thin, and they don't quite go up to the ceiling. Today, I heard an interesting conversation. Someone was telling a coworker about how her husband has a child with another woman - and that child is 17 days younger than her child. Yes, you read that right: 17 DAYS. Of course, the coworker asked how that was possible, and she said (matter-of-factly), "He cheated on me." Aside from the obvious question of, Would you stay with the bastard?, I'd also like to ask, Is this something you would discuss with your coworkers? or How much information is too much information? This coming from a person who has openly told people about her infertility at work after receiving questions regarding if and when Joey and I will have children.

And there you have it: the most random collection of what is going through my head at this moment.


PCOSChick said...

My mind is boogled by your caseworker, wow!!

Also, I love that you said Santa Puppy...that is soooo cute!!

I hope 2011 is an amazing year for you & the holidays are better than you could have imagined!!

Doogie said...

I have so many thoughts on 4.

If children born 11 months apart are Irish twins, are children born 17 days apart Mormon twins?

And does she stud out Mr. MacSleezy? Cause it seems to me she's got a money-making opportunity there.

Do the kids celebrate their birthdays in one big party? My husband and his sister (both from the same two parents) are 12 months and 3 days apart and they often have join birthday parties.

But yeah, mostly, why is the husband still alive? I'm not sure mine would be.

Kelly said...

I'm glad Danica is on the mend!

That coworker conversation is absolutely tacky!!

Makes me think about today...male teacher two doors down from me was leaving his classroom (as I was walking by it) and was saying to his students...yep, I'm off to the bathroom again. Too much chili the last few days. WHAT???

Kelly said...

I just wanted to add that I know that someone's bathroom habits aren't on the same level as McSleezy (nice one!) but more about the casual ability to discuss all things TMI.

And, if someone is going to cheat on their significant other, why would you not use protection????? And how could you stay with your husband??

The Steffens said...

a) I would NEVER have stayed with that bastard

b) I would NEVER have told people at work!

Rebecca said...

Poor little Danica!!

And, seriously, OMG, about your colleague. That's just all kinds of wrong. And, kind of infuriating.

Hope you enjoy your time off. :)

unaffected said...

That certainly is a shame, regarding your co-worker. But, people do change, and maybe he was genuinely sorry and they worked it out? It's the end of the day and I'm trying to be optimistic here... :)

suchagoodegg said...

Whooooa, that was a lot of info to share in a thin-walled office. Eeesh. But then again, TMI for some is no biggie for others. I think that's awesome you've shared about your IF struggles....I still get quite sensitive/private about that stuff. A work in progress.

I am thinking of you, Katie. xoxo

Kakunaa said...

Honestly, I bet she gets a kick out of people's shock. I would.

I hope your puppy gets better soon, hon! And try to survive the holidays, okay? Enjoy your time off. Big hugs :)

Kandid Kelli said...

In ref. to child 17 DAYS younger: HOLY SHIT! I would NOT stay w.him. Hell no.

In ref. to if I would tell co-workers: It depends on a lot of things but, if the walls didn't go all the way up, prob. not.

Get well Danica!!


Stephanie said...

I heart you! Um, that seems like TMI, but maybe her way of dealing with it is talking about it? I don't know. My current workplace isn't like that, at least not with me. It takes a lot for me to open up to even my IRL friends because I don't want to hear their reactions!

Hope Dani gets better soon!!!!

Marla said...

I'm just going to throw in my "Hellz to the no!" opinion of staying with that bastard of a man. I'm seriously nauseous, thinking of that poor woman. Has she no self respect? Or is he loaded? With money, that is, not with super-swimmers. Gah! It's disgusting! My heart breaks for her. Seriously. It breaks for her.

rebecca said...

That is some random stuff, but its still good to hear how you're doing! Wow...that is some crazy over sharing going on with the co-worker!

Sorry to hear Danica is so sick, hope she is soon on the mend and better for Santa Puppy's visit:)

Sending love your way and hope the Holidays are gentle for you. I completely agree on saying goodbye to 2010, this has been the year from hell and I am SO glad to be moving into 2011!

someday-soon said...

Too much info from the co-worker for sure! Hope you have an awesome break and Danika is feeling much better for Santa puppies visit =)

Crossed Fingers said...

I hope your puppy feels better soon! What a horrible thing to have to deal with. :(

2011 is going to be your year, I can't wait to read the updates!

Adele said...

I'm so sorry about Danica, and hope your pooch is already feeling better. I swear, our dogs could be astral twins. Mine has also been horribly under the weather. Here's hoping for a lot of doggie health in 2011. (And a few other things, too:).

lowfatlady said...

I hope your puppy is feeling better and yikes about your co-worker.