Monday, August 30, 2010

another weekend in an infertile's paradise

The universe's ability to kick me when I'm down seems to be getting worse. For instance, I missed my therapy session on Saturday morning because I wrote down the wrong time. Then, I went to acupuncture, where I let me sweet doctor convince me that I could possibly be pregnant. I promptly drove home and peed on an OPK, the only kind of stick left in the house.

An empty circle.

AF responded by arriving during Joey and I's first dinner date in months: right before the couple next to us with the adorable little boy asked if we "had any of [our] own."

Nice, huh?

I can't blame the couple, though. It's not like I walk around with a sign tattooed on my head:

No, I can't have children. Yes, I do relax.

On the bright side, dinner was wonderful. I'm already looking forward to this weekend, when it looks like we'll be taking a little trip up to Gainesville for the first Gator game and then to Savannah for the rest of the weekend with friends of ours.

Joey is feeling good, for those of you who asked. His stomach is improving. He even managed a beer this weekend (shhhhh . . . no one tell his doctor). And he's fine from the car accident. The car is still at the shop. We are supposed to have it back at the end of the week. It has a lot of structural damage, but it's nothing the dealership can't fix.

That's about it for the weekend recap. One week of grad classes down, and I already have a ton of homework. I'll have to do a whole separate post on grad school. And maybe a Danica update. I think she's hit the terrible twos stage!

Happy Monday. Or, for me, happy CD2 of cycle #29. Is someone going to throw me a party when I hit cycle #30?


The Domestic Princess said...

Awww..I'm sorry! It's just not fair sometimes is it! Sounds like you guys had a good dinner though.

Rach said...

Glad the hubby is doing well. Sorry about the circle.

P.S. - I liked your blog title! Thats exactly how I feel everyday!!

Crossed Fingers said...

I am glad that you had a fantastic dinner together - minus the little hiccup. I hope you have a great trip this weekend and enjoy yourself!

I'm thrilled that Joey is doing better - how scary all of that must have been. He's been through a lot lately too!

I hope you have your cycle soon - your sticky BFP cycle. My fingers are still tightly crossed the universe it getting ready to right its wrong on you two!

Josey said...

Ah SHIT Katie. I was so hoping for a different post from you this morning.

Like you said, on the bright side, you guys got a nice date night, Joey's feeling better, the jeep is fixable... but damn, doesn't mean you can't be frustrated with life.

I'm sorry we live at different ends of the county - if we were close, I'd totally throw you a party. :)

Stephanie said...

Katie...that stinks :( I'm sorry about getting revved up by the dr only to have the bubble burst. That doesn't just stink, it sucks! I'm glad to hear Joey is feeling better and isn't injured from the accident. Definitely update us on Danica - such a cute lil thing :)

T said...

HA! I am scoping out Hallmark cards right now for such cards! they have everything, right?!

Glad to hear Joey is feeling better!

Marci said...

I really do hate being asked by strangers or near strangers if I have children. If I had/wanted to talk about my children, I would and believe me, I would not wait for your question. I'd say immediately. Parents, I've noticed, always do.
Conversations with parents are not, "What a lovely boy you have."
They are, "What a lovely boy you have, I only have girls. 3 of them. Well, two of them are in college and one of them is married, but they're still my girls!"

Or, "You have a lovely boy. How old?...when my son was that age...blah blah."

So really, there's NO NEED to ask. Real parents will tell you without you asking. As parents, they should know that!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Dang girly...sounds like you need a vacation! Glad you are getting away this weekend!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Glad you have a good weekend coming up after your BFN. Sorry you had to live through infertile hell/ paradise yet again this weekend, I hope next weekend treats you better.

Littlest True Blue said...

If I lived in Florida near you... I would throw you a big stinkin' party! Sorry life is sort of sucking right now...blah to everything! I hope the pup is still making you smile and being a good doggy!

DeterminedDory said...

I know it all sucks, but going to a Gator game will right all the wrongs in your world!!!! GO GATORS! Wish I could be there. There's nothing like the first game in the Swamp.

Rita said...

Ugh, sorry for the crappy weekend. However, I'm glad there was a bright side to things--yay for Joey feeling better and that you were able to have a fun dinner together.

As for your party, I have a tiara from my 30th birthday that has a sparkly "30" on it that I can send you. :)


Teresa said...

Aww, Katie! When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? Just wanted to let you know that my DH and I are going to be in Savannah all weekend too....we're staying on River Street I think...or at least very close. Anyway, if I see you, I'll say hi! :)
Enjoy your time away!

womb for improvement said...

I think infertiles do subliminally give out the "Ask me about children" vibe. It is the same way cats will always sit on the lap of the one person in the room who is allergic.

Sorry you had a rough weekend.

Kelly said...

Blech. AF and that question?? Horrible.

I'm glad Joey's doing better, your car is fixable and that your grad classes are going well.

Stefanie Blakely said...

Damn it.

After the high of your +opk, that b*tch AF had to show her ugly face? The nerve. I'm so sorry, honey.

Rebecca said...

UUUUGGGGHHHH. That really sucks. I'm so sorry.

JC said...

Oh man...I'm really sorry. =( I don't like it that shit keeps getting thrown at you left and right all the freakin time!!!!!!! I'm ready for the universe to throw you a bone/BFP. It sounds like this weekend will be fun and good to get away. Have fun at the game!!!
Also glad Joey is feeling better. If you want to vent or need anything you can text me anytime!!!

Amber said...

"No, I can't have children. Yes, I do relax." Oh man, ain't that the truth!! It IS tempting to have this tattooed on my forehead! Or at least somewhere visible. Maybe the back of my hand. I could just hold it up when some nitwit asks!! ;)

Adele said...

I'm sorry - AF has the worst damned timing! But I'm glad Joey is feeling better.

I like your idea for the tattoo:) Especially the second part. I laughed out loud.

christine said...

A dinner date is fantastic! I'm glad yours went well--despite the little comment. And, I'd like one of those tattoos!

Glad to hear your husband is doing well and that the car will be okay!

someday-soon said...

Sorry AF showed! Happy you at least had a good dinner. And it's great that Joey is feeling better!

erika said...

Ugh((( that was one crappy weekend:( sorry, Girl!
I hope you feel a bit better by now! I am glad to hear Joey is doing better.
As for the numbers, I "managed" to loose track couple months ago, and I refuse to count anymore. It just sucks.
Thinking of you!

S.I.F. said...

Hey, I think we could throw one heck of a party... there would have to be a lot of drinking, but you know; if we can't be knocked up, we might as well drink.

Sorry that cycle 28 didn't turn out as hoped lady. Life really just isn't fair.

jensays (what would jen do) said...

I always try to hold on to the brighter spots in life, i swear if it weren't for those, we'd probably never make it, would we?

I tagged you in a post on my blog

Trisha said...

It won't be too much longer and I'll be at cycle 50; we should celebrate together :) I'm sorry about the weekend but I'm glad you had a good time together!

Danielle said...
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Danielle said...

Girl, you deserve the biggest party ever! I hope you have a great time this weekend!

Carli said...

So much to say. First of all, I really liked you. Until I found out you were a GATOR FAN!!! (Go Dawgs! - I know, not that it matters when GA plays FLA cause we can't keep our shit together...)

But I digress. So sorry about the false hope from the doctor. Nothing is worse than a negative staring back at you - not even the arrival of AF.

Glad dinner was nice (minus the comment). At least you have a happy weekend coming up. And glad Joey is feeling better.

Another Dreamer said...

If cycle#30 comes around it deserves a private party with wine... or vodka... for sure. Sorry :( Hope that other than that, the date was enjoyable (*hugs*)

I hate being asked if I have children... maybe I should get a tattoo, or a t-shirt ;)

Waiting Lisa said...

Sorry about AF. Is it weird that I kind of miss mine?

I am excited for you that you will be going away this weekend. I hope you have a great time.

I have my fingers crossed for you about the other thing.

sarabug said...

I'm sorry. I know this feeling all too well. I am so glad your hubby was not injured in the accident!