Monday, March 29, 2010

we laughed until we cried

There are about a dozen things I want to write about: why AF hasn’t shown, despite the cramps?, why I want her to wait until the weekend to show (even though it would make her so late and push off my upcoming IUI another week), work drama, going back to school, house stuff, and upcoming baby “events” that are already creating nightmares and/or sleepless nights.

But I can’t bring myself to write about all of them now. I don’t have the time or the energy to go through all of these things--all of which, with the exception of the house and school, would only dig up negative energy.

Instead, I’ll write about a song. This Sunday, we started “seriously” working on the house, meaning my FIL and Joey started to paint. While working, my FIL likes to listen to the radio. Country is his genre of choice. I have nothing against country music (I DID live in Nashville for two years) but I just don’t listen to it that often. I know the big names and the big songs, but that’s about it.

One particular song caught my attention. It was just a brief reference, so small I didn’t think I heard it at first, to infertility. After I regained my composure in the bathroom, I looked up the lyrics and knew immediately I wanted to share them with all of you. (Please forgive me if I’m really late with this song . . . which I know I am.)

Laughed Until We Cried by Jason Aldean

Goin’ through my closet the other day
I found an old yearbook
Flipped right to the page of that senior trip
Down there on that Panama strip
We all started yellin’ when we smelled the beach
Couldn't wait to try our fake I.D.’s
We only had a few days
And a whole lot of memories to make

Oh man we were livin’
Didn't waste one minute
We talked and drank and danced and said goodbye
We laughed until we cried

This past year my family
Was sittin’ cross-legged 'round the Christmas tree
Listenin’ to granddad
We all knew it probably be his last
He was crackin’ jokes and we were takin’ turns
Tellin’ stories ‘bout fishin’ or lessons learned
Out on the porch with him
We all felt like kids again

Oh man we were livin
Sittin' there reminiscin'
We sang and talked and traveled back in time
We laughed until we cried

It's like the best days under the sun
Every emotion rolled into one
A little of this a little of that
Kinda happy kinda sad

Just the other night the baby was cryin’
So I got out of bed rocked her awhile
And I held her tight
And I told her it would be all right
And my mind went back to a few years ago
When we tried so long
We almost gave up hope
And I remember you
Comin' in and tellin’ me the news

Oh man we were livin’
Goin’ crazy in the kitchen
We danced and screamed and held each other tight
We laughed until we cried


erika said...

That's a beautiful song! thanks for sharing.

Trisha said...

yeah, it is a great song. has a happy ending too, let hope we all get tha same!

Al said...

Great song - I've heard it but totally missed the IF reference.

Sounds like you have a lot going on - hang in there Katie.

The Millers said...

I do love that song! That last part hits so close to home for so many of us. I am sure we have twisted many songs into something we can relate to (IF). But this one actually comes right out and says it.

Crossed Fingers said... that song and that lyric. It brought a tear to my eye. I hope all is as well as it can be in your world Katie. I can't wait to hear about the house and more about school!

Rebecca said...

That was really beautiful. It definitely made me cry!!!

Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you Katie!!!

Leelers♥ said...

Oh dear! I love that song.... thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

beautiful lyrics! thank you so much for sharing!

suchagoodegg said...

That gave me chills (in a good way), now I want to look up the real thing on iTunes!

PS Good job on getting house stuff done!!

Kandid Kelli said...

God is there, when you least expect it & where you least expect it... have a good week.



Katie said...

hmmm....How is it that i DO listen to country music on a semi-regular basis, but I haven't heard that song?

I'm off to iTunes now.....


Kelly said...

I don't think I ever heard that song but I really like the lyrics. I'll be checking it out. Thanks!

JC said...

I don't think I've heard it but I love the lyrics. So sweet! Hope you have a good week. Mon-Tues are sure to suck for me. PS-I think we'll be close to being cycle buddies...I'm spotting.

Dawn said...

Great song! Thanks for sharing!

nicolemarie said...

Love this song AND Jason Aldean :)

I am thinking of you tonight.

Basic Girl said...

awww, that is too sweet!! Thanks for sharing, love it!

Ashley said...

I definitely just cried. Haha. I have never heard that song. Thanks for sharing. :)

ifcrossroads said...

Not a country music fan regularly (and I grew up in Alabama, how'd that happen?) but I love the lyrics to that song!

Thanks for sharing!

Mad Hatter said...

Yep. Tears in these eyes, to! Thanks for sharing such a sentimental song!