Monday, January 25, 2010

odds and ends

1. Photos of the house: I promise I will post them soon. I just usually post from my work computer and the photos of the house are on my home computer. The contract addendum should be signed by the bank this week and then we'll begin the inspection process. Right now it looks like March 1 will be our closing date.

2. Answer to Kelly's question: On my last post, Kelly asked:

You have a whole day off, all to yourself. WWYD?

Honestly? I would be completely lazy. (Don't think less of me!) Odds are I probably wouldn't get up off of the couch. To me, those are the best days: when I never leave my PJs. What do I do on those days? Well, watch a lot of trashy TV. Read. Nap. You know, everything that you can't do while you're stuck at work. :) I'm sad to say that I haven't had a day like that in a longgggg time.

3. The lump: I had my appointment with the breast surgeon this morning. To make a long story short, he can feel it but the mammo doesn't show it at all. The next step is to try and get my insurance to approve an MRI. He really doesn't want to do a surgical biopsy unless he has to. Which I hope he doesn't have to. The whole situation is getting old. I get why they are doing it though: Even if it's nothing, it doesn't mean it can't turn into something.

4. Prayers: I know this is an IF blog and I haven't been blogging so much about my ovaries these days as I have been about my everyday life. But I would really appreciate it if you could keep Maria in your thoughts and prayers. Maria is one of our oldest family friends. In fact, she's lived across the street from us for years and I grew up with her son. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer last week. She's an amazing woman with an infectious spirit and a sense of humor that would bring anyone to tears. I hate to see her have to go through this.

Now it's time to get caught up on ICLW and commenting. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!


Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. It's got to be so exciting knowing that in a few weeks you'll be owners of your first home!
I like your answer to Kelly's question too. You sound a lot like me!
You asked me before about Alison's email: click on my I feel pretty post, and link to her blog. She has a link in her right column for the design page including her email. She really does fantastic work if you're interested!
Hope all goes well with the insurance and Maria!

Kelli-Sue said...

I am so anxious to see pics of YOUR new home!!! that must be so exciting!! I will keep Maria in my thoughts and prayers, prayer is a very powerful thing!

Rach said...

Looking forward to pictures!

Hope all the Dr appointments slow down soon too.

Kelly said...

Ahh, how I long for one of those days!

I will be looking forward to the house pictures and keep Maria in my prayers.

I hope all of this doctor stuff gets resolved soon for you. No fun.

Crossed Fingers said...

Grrrr...sorry to hear about MRI and biopsy and your insurance. Gotta love to hate them huh? Maria just had a prayer said from me to her. Keep us updated.

Rebecca said...

GL getting the insurance figured out!!!

And, I TOTALLY agree with just sitting around on the couch!! :)

2catdaughters said...

I have waaayyy too many lazy days than one person should. They're my favorite kind, though!

Good luck with the house inspection and closing!

P&P for your friend, Maria.

JC said...

Yea that sounds like the perfect day for me too. Ahhh!

I will keep Maria in my prayers. And I hope they can get the MRI covered and this is all put behind you very soon!

AplusB said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the house. I'm glad your doc is doing everything to try to avoid the surgery biopsy, and hopefully the insurance issues get worked out asap.
And, I will definitely keep Maria in my thoughts are prayers.

Dawn said...

I would love a lazy day!

I can't wait to see pictures of your house. How exciting!

I will keep Maria in my thoughts and prayers.

And I hope that you get a break with your Dr.s appointments soon!

Noelle said...

I just said a prayer for Maria.

We could be two peas in a pod. That is exactly how I would spend my day. Oh, who am I kidding. That is my every Saturday and Sunday!

I can't wait to see pictures of the house. What an exciting time for you.

Basic Girl said...

Super excited to see the house pics, and will definitely say a prayer for Maria tonight!

And hoping the insurance gets worked out and your MRI is covered, then you can put this behind you and focus on your new house!!

suchagoodegg said...

Heee, I had a very lazy Sunday myself, and it felt GOOD.

Can't wait for the pics.

Keep your chin up with all of this doctor appt madness. You are a trooper. I hope everything gets resolved very soon, so you have one less thing to think about and occupy your free time!