Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hold the phone

You are all so awesome. Thanks for being so excited for me and my appointment. And thanks to those of you who offered advice. I will probably be nagging you over the next few weeks with lots of questions.

To answer the question that some of you had about why my doctor doesn’t use Clomid: Side effects. Specifically what Clomid does to the lining. He will only use Femara or injects to lessen the risk of cysts and poor uterine lining. He said that if all goes well during surgery, he will probably put me on Femara first and see what that does.

I forgot to mention yesterday that all of his LAPs are filmed and he narrates as he’s doing the surgery. When I’m in recovery, he will give Joey a copy of the DVD and we can watch it at home. He’ll still do a consultation the week after surgery, but the film will pretty much let me know what was found and where it was found.

Today was my follow-up appointment with my GYN about the lump and my pap. Apparently, the negative mammo wasn't good enough to please my doctor. I now have an appointment with the breast surgeon on Monday to do a biopsy. I know I should be happy that they are being extremely thorough, but can I just say how tired I am of going to the doctor? Very tired. It's bad enough that I have to get my lady parts poked at all the time, now my poor boob is being abused. But what can you do? I just need to suck it up and get on with it. Hopefully the biopsy just confirms that it's nothing.

And we officially put in an offer on the townhouse we like. We should know by Friday whether or not we getting. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a week of good news.


Kelly said...

You're right. This will just confirm beyond a doubt that it's nothing.

I'm super excited though about your new RE. He just sounds awesome!

Keep us posted about the house this week! I hope it's a week of great news also.

Trisha said...

im keeping all my crossables crossed that the lump is nothing, still. and that is SO wonderful that u found a GREAT new RE and he believes in Endo causing IF *eye roll*!! hope the house buying goes well too. im on the other side with having to sell one =)

Hayley said...

So happy to hear about your new RE and all that.

So, maybe after sushi we might be having a moving party? haha.


2catdaughters said...

I'm excited about your new plan! I know you're tired of all of the poking and prodding, but hopefully it will all be over soon (besides OB-related pokes and prods). Can't wait to hear about the house! Fingers crossed!!

The Ashes said...

A townhouse and a baby. You will have it made. :)

JC said...

The new RE sounds awesome! That's so cool he films it and you can watch and hear everything he's doing. Very cool!!!

And I'm sorry you have to have a biopsy but after that you can focus on a new townhouse and a baby!

Littlest True Blue said...

WoW! you sure have a lot going on! Getting a new house is so fun! Hope your offer gets accepted! It's nice to have little side fun projects to look forward to when going through all of the shitty stuff of TTC! Your RE sounds really high tech and cool! He must be confident if he is willing to film every surgery! Very cool!

Jen said...

That sucks about the biopsy, but it will feel so good to be definitely sure it's indeed nothing.

I agree with everyone; your RE does sound really awesome. It must feel like such a breath of fresh air! Clomid made my lining <3mm, so I totally agree!

Jin said...

The wait to hear if your offer got accepted is horrible. Like the 2ww. At least ours was, lol. Can't wait! Good for your soca about being thorough, but yeah, the appointments suck.

Kelli-Sue said...

your new RE sounds amazing! I am so happy for you Katie!

Arlyne said...

I'm really excited for you that you're finally moving forward!!!

Hope your biopsy goes well & that you can put this boob thing behind you :)

Good luck with the townhouse!!!!

AplusB said...

Hope the biopsy goes well. I think you'll be glad to have the reassurance that everything is ok.

Congrats on the townhouse! Hope you get it!

Crossed Fingers said...

That is great news about the RE - it sounds like you have found your match. And thanks for the heads up on Clomid - maybe if I have to end up on that road I'll ask about the Femara instead.

I hope your biopsy is enough to calm everyone about the lump. I'm sure it will. And I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the townhouse.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, the biopsy is a pain in the ... well boob ... but probably a good thing to do. GL with it.

And, YAY for the new RE and the plan! :) And how geeky cool is it that you get the DVD? This is probably the scientist in me, but I would really enjoy watching something like that and seeing my insides and hearing what the doctor has to say... (OK, that just sounds freaky, now.)

GL with everything! I hope removing the endo goes well and gets you on femara quickly. It is SOOOOOO much better than clomid emotionally, lining-wise, lack of gigando cysts, etc....

Basic Girl said...

Your RE sounds like a rockstar!!!

And I'm sorry you have to deal with a biopsy (like you haven't been poked and prodded enough already...geez), but it will be worth it to KNOW for sure its absolutely nothing!

And then you can just focus on making that baby and your new house...how exciting!!! Crossing my fingers you get it!

Al said...

You do have way too many doctor's appointments to worry about right now. At least this is the LAST thing they can possibly do for the lump and you'll be done with it and you can focus on getting pregnant!

Take care of yourself after the biopsy - be sure to ice, wear a sports bra, and relax to keep the swelling down (I'm sure they've told you all this). I'll be thinking of you on Monday and hoping it's as painless as possible.

Good luck on the townhouse!!

Dawn said...

That's pretty great that your doc films your surgery.

Good luck with your house. How exciting!

Sorry that you have to get a biopsy. I hope this is your last bump in the road!