Sunday, December 13, 2009

weekend update

Since the beta, time has flown by. I haven't really had a chance to dwell on the negative:

Tuesday night: Support group. I dragged Joey along this time and he seemed to enjoy it. He even spoke, which surprised me (my husband is extremely reserved around people he doesn't know).
Wednesday night: Joey had class.
Thursday night: Joey had a test and I had my company Christmas party.
Friday night: House of Blues to see Less than Jake.
Saturday: We got most of our Christmas shopping done and went to dinner with my BIL and SIL.
Today: Errands in the morning. The afternoon will be spend doing laundry, helping Joey study for his final, and possibly making one last trip to the mall.

This weekend I'm going to Vegas to visit one of my best friends. I need this trip. It will be an escape for me--a place where there aren't constant reminders about my failure in becoming a mother. AF showed up on Friday, so I won't have to worry about being cranky and bloated on my trip. I also am excited to not have to worry about popping pills this month. It's too much for me to stress over around the holidays.

As for next steps, January will obviously be Femara + IUI#3, so long as the Femara produces good follicles for me. If it doesn't, I guess we move to injects and see what happens.

In other "life" news, we have started house hunting. For those of you who only recently started reading my blog, when my husband and I moved back to Florida, we decided we didn't want to get into a lease. We wanted to buy, but we really didn't have the money. Joey's five-month unemployment left us with little in savings and it would be difficult to save for a house with not much left in the bank to begin with. So we put all of our stuff in storage and moved into the guest area of my mom's house. It actually hasn't been a bad arrangement, but we don't want to stay here forever. We are looking to buy a place this spring, before the tax credit expires at the end of April. I think we'll end up with a townhouse, mostly because they are cheaper and the maintenance is less. It will be our first place, so we don't need anything extravagant. We picked out the neighborhood we like and there are a few for sale in there now that we are hoping stay on the market until we're ready to get serious in February or March.

It'll be fun to have our own place, one we can officially call "home". I'm looking forward to getting some new furniture and decorating. 2010 is going to be a fresh start, hopefully in more ways than one.


Al said...

Glad you've been staying busy since the beta. The trip to Vegas to see your friend sounds fantastic! I hope you can enjoy it and forget about the pain of IF.

Good luck house hunting - here's hoping for a great new house and a new baby in 2010!

Kelly said...

I'm glad you've been busy and have time off from "pill popping"! Your week and weekend sounded great and next weekend sounds even better!

How exciting about house hunting! KUP on your search!

Jen said...

I'll bet Less than Jake was fun! My husband loves punk music and has gotten me into it too!

Katie said...

I'm glad you've been keeping yourself busy over these last few days! Oohh....that's exciting about getting ready to buy your first place! Good luck!!! I'm officially jealous that you are "almost done" with your Christmas shopping. Mine is just going to have to wait til the break from school, as always. Blah. ;-)

Erin said...

I'm glad you are keeping busy and feeling good. AF started for me on Saturday. I'm going in for monitoring on Monday. I would love to take a break this month, but my dad is dying, and I just can't right now. Still, I'm really excited to start this cycle.

Hope you have a great time in Vegas, and good luck house hunting!

Nicole said...

GLad you're been occupied. And that's exciting about the house hunting :) I hope 2010 turns your life upside down (in all good ways of course) with lots of awesome changes ;)Have fun in Vegas!

Jin said...

Have fun house hunting! It was super stressful for us, but last April when we signed the papers and got our keys was such a great day.

Have fun in Vegas as well.

Jessica said...

Glad you are keeping yourself busy and trying not to dwell on the beta.

House hunting is a good way to pass the time too. How exciting to start looking for your first place!!

Bean stalk ballads said...

House hunting is wonderfully exciting... here is hoping you two find your bit of earth to make your own...