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Thursday, November 12, 2009

go to hell, flo

I woke up to a nice, shiny, bright-red surprise.

Cycle day 1. Eff off, Aunt Flo.

My CD 2 ultrasound is tomorrow at 9. I start Clomid on Saturday. There will be no day of rest for my uterus or my sanity.

My boss didn't seem too worried that I would be out three mornings again. He just told me to keep a running tab "in my head" of the time I was missing so I could make it up instead of using PTO. I miss unlimited sick time at my old company.

Oh, and happy anniversary to me. Today is my one-year blogging anniversary. Not much has changed, has it?


A said...

Ughhhhh. What a way to celebrate your blogoversary :-P I hope your u/s looks good and that clomid will be kind to you :) I'll be praying that the cramps aren't too bad today!!

Kelli-Sue said...

H A P P Y 1ST B L O G E R V E R S A R Y ! ! ! && Good Luck w/everything in the coming days hon. :)

Tina said...

Ugh, I am so sorry Katie that everything did not work out this cycle for you. I am glad that y'all are jumping right back into the next cycle. Thinking of you (and that really sweet husband of yours)!

Happy Blogoversary!

Kelly said...

Yuck. I know this isn't what you wanted and I'm so sorry. I'm hoping though that this means your IUI is sooner and hopefully your BFP! (Sorry if I'm being annoyingly positive)

2catdaughters said...

Eff off, AF!! I'm so sorry about everything. What a lame blogoversary, too. ((hugs)) I hope this next cycle is it for you.

ifcrossroads said...

Ugh, go to hell is right! I'm again, so very sorry :(

But on a happier note - Happy Blogerversary :) and many more!

Jem said...

Happy Glogoversary! Blogging is awesome and so therapeutic.

Thanks for your comments and support on my blog.

JC said...

Shoot, I'm sorry AF came. Happy blogoversary even though I know you wish you were writing about something other than IF. Damn IF!!

A baby for Al? said...

Happy blogoversary!

Yea, seriously eff off AF. I'm sorry.

I hope everything looks great on the ultrasound tomorrow.

Erin said...

I am feeling the exact same way today. Woke up to AF. Grrrr.