Monday, November 30, 2009

back to work

Don't you hate going back to work after a long weekend? All I wanted to do this morning was curl up under the covers and not come out until about noon. After Thanksgiving, the rest of my weekend was okay/uneventful. I did some much-needed retail therapy on Saturday and got great deals on new clothes (including a $10 sweater dress I'm wearing today that my husband picked out). I spent most of the weekend wrapping up my freelance project which kept my mind away from the 2WW.

Only one TTC related "thing" happened: I bought FertilAid for Men. We have a local organic food and vitamin store around the corner and they carry it. Joey has already started taking it. I figure if this IUI worked, I can just send the bottle to one of my TTC ladies so it doesn't go to waste. And if this one didn't work? Since we won't be trying in December (too many interferences with holiday functions and travel), the vitamins might be making an impact by the time IUI#3 rolls around in January.

But that's it. I'm not looking for IPS, so I have none to obsess over. I haven't been counting down the days until my beta. Really, I feel more relaxed in this 2WW than ever before.


Kelly said...

I'm glad you're feeling relaxed! I'm proud of you!

I hate the day of going back to work after a long break. I also hate the day before going back to work. I have things to do for school and haven't even opened my bag. I think it will probably stay that way today also.

I love sweater dresses. You're lucky that you can wear them!

Katie said...

omg, you READ my mind this morning. ALL I wanted to do was stay in the bed this morning. I was **this** close to just calling in sick.... (stupid cheerleading practice with no one who can cover for me....!)

I'm so happy that you are feeling relaxed during the 2ww! :-)

Nicole said...

I'm glad you're stressing less this 2WW!!

A said...

I am so glad you're feeling relaxed! I had enough IPS last cycle to cover several cycles, so don't worry about not having any ;-)

And yes. I'd love to not be working today!

A baby for Al? said...

I feel ya, I hate being at work today!

So glad you're feeling relaxed this 2ww. I hope you get great news soon!

2catdaughters said...

I hear you on staying in bed. My mind is so not here at work today.

Glad you're not stressing this 2ww. Here's to the next week flying by (12/8 is a big day for both of us!). (((hugs)))

Jessica said...

I'm glad you are feeling relaxed...I hope this TWW flies by.

Kelli-Sue said...

Youre a brave one! I didn't venture out to retail stores until today and still they seemed very busy.

Don't you just love sweater dresses? I have one and its my fav. This weather is great!

Hope you have a good day!

Erin said...

I'm glad you are feeling relaxed! I'm only 3 days into my 2ww, and I'm ready to tear my hair out. Since my IUI was such a fiasco, I'm just convinced that it didn't work. Boo.

Jen said...

I'm glad you picked up the fertility blend. My thought is, it's can't hurt!
I'm glad this 2ww is less stressful!