Monday, November 2, 2009

7 dpIUI

Anyone who has experienced IF long enough knows that paying attention to IPS goes out the window at a certain point in your journey. I think that my "breaking point" was nine or ten months in--right after my doctor gave me the official infertility diagnosis. I stopped checking to for implantation spotting. I stopped temping, because it only broke my heart to see my number plummet right before AF's arrival. I stopped feeling my boobs to see if they were sore. And I stopped pretending like the nausea I feel every morning when I get out of bed had anything to do with morning sickness.

So, understandably, I have excuses for every IPS I have (or someone else has) noticed so far this cycle:

IPS: Increased body temp
My excuse: I've been coming down with a slight head cold now for about a week. Must be that. Plus, I think the progesterone is supposed to keep your body temp up.
IPS: Increased thirst
My excuse: I blame this one on the cold, too.
IPS: Increased urination
My excuse: A result of me drinking a lot more water because of the increased thirst.
IPS: Backache
My excuse: Joey must be kicking me in my sleep.
IPS: Restless sleeping
My excuse: I never should have seen Paranormal Activity.
IPS: Gassy
My excuse: My diet went a little off the tracks this weekend. I don't consider the Ale House's Zinger Mountain Melt and a Philly cheesesteak to be nutritious meals.
IPS: Headache
My excuse: A result of the head cold and weather change. Or a result of my husband now being home every night. I can't decide. :)

Those are all of my IPS for now. If any more pop up in the next seven days, or if I can think of better excuses, I'll be sure to post them. Oh yeah, and I'm technically in the 1WW--even though my beta isn't until next Wednesday. I doubt my "I don't like surprises" mentality will let me last until Wednesday without peeing on a stick.


Katie said...

I love being your friend! Your posts just make me smile sometimes when I'm reminded of myself...! :-)

You know that old question about whether the glass is half full or half empty? My response has always been "Neither. It's just half a glass." And that, I believe is true realism. Not Polly Positive. Not Nancy Negative. Just Realistic. And THAT I understand.

You realize, of course, that all of this doesn't keep ME from getting my hopes up FOR you, right?!?!

Kelli-Sue said...

I love this. :) & all your excuses... My fingers are crossed oh yah and my toes. And anything else that can be crossed w/o causing severe bodily pain :)

2catdaughters said...

I love your attitude and I can't wait for you to start POAS!! I have everything crossed that your IPS are RPS!! :)

Kelly said...

Katie: What's the testing plan? Very cute analysis. :)

A baby for Al? said...

You're half thru the two week wait!! I have also learned to attribute any so called symptoms to anything else. I really hope they're the real thing for you this time....hang in there.

JC said...

Excited for you! Hope your 1WW flies by.

ifcrossroads said...

Very cute post! I think we all go through these same "I don't want to even think about IPS/RPS" game :)

1ww is the worst! Are you planning on POAS?