Saturday, October 17, 2009


My blood work this morning was a mess.

First, they completely ignored the fact that I had an appointment. But that wasn't what got my blood pressure going.

The (incompetent) women working the front desk tried to tell me that the doctor didn't write down how long to test my glucose levels, and that they couldn't do any of the other tests on the sheet if one was written down wrong. What? I sat there and argued for about a minute until I realize that my efforts were useless. I huffed and puffed my way out the door.

I get to the light to turn onto the main road, when, out of curiosity, I looked at the lab sheet. I SWORE the time limit was on there. And I was right. Good thing I looked at the paperwork before I drove 45 minutes back home, because it said in huge bold/capped letters "TWO HOURS" right next to the line about the glucose test.

I was so irritated that I called the girl at the desk illiterate. The guy in charge came over and apologized profusely when I was getting my first round of blood drawn. The hilarious thing is that I apologized for getting upset (though I never yelled), but none of the women that "misread" my form apologized once.

To top off my experience, the other four people in the waiting room were all trashy pregnant women. So I got to stare at pregnant bellies for three hours.



2catdaughters said...

RIDICULOUS!!! As if all of this B.S. isn't hard enough without having to deal with completely incompetent, illiterate people!! Thank goodness you re-read your paperwork before you drove too far.

Kelly said...

Write a letter to the company, detailing what happened. I'd address too the duration of the testing and the stress that you were under (don't have to specify why). Someone in charge/higher up should know how those women treated their patients and the fact that they couldn't read.

On another note...I'm sorry. That just sucks.

ifcrossroads said...

Oh for crying out loud, that is just plain infuriating. I think it's funny (and well deserved) that you called her illiterate. And she SHOULD have apologized!

Good for you for catching the mistake!

JC said...

That sucks! I thought it was hilarious you called her illiterate too! You go girl! And I'd be pissed at the trashy preg women in there too.

Katie said...

Good for you for calling her illiterate! I'd hate to have seen what I would've called her....! :-)

Sorry you had such a bad morning, but *AT LEAST* you caught their stupid mistake before driving all the way home and you ended up getting the b/w done!

And I'm even more sorry that you had to stare at trashy bellies half the day. I understand b/c I just have ZERO tolerance for trashy people!