Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cycle #18

Cycle #18 started today. This means that we've officially been TTC for 1.5 years.

Damn. That's a long time.

My u/s and pelvic exam are on Friday morning at 7:45. As Joey said, "Dr. T is very brave for wanting to do a pelvic exam on you on the third day of your cycle."

Edit: I almost forgot.

Joey got a new job yesterday! He'll be working at a bank doing customer service/teller duties. Do you know what this means? Normal hours. I've been with my husband for six years, and I've never known what it's like to have him home every night of the week.


To A T said...

I can remember hitting the 18 month mark and it sucked :( (((HUGS))) girl!!

Congrats to Joey on the new job!! :) That's so exciting!!

the wright day said...

I hated 18 months and I feel like I'm going to have a HUGE pity party on 24 months in November. It sucks!

But that's great Joey has that new job. When Tim & I first met he worked all the time, but since the recession hit he hasn't had the overtime like he used to. I miss the extra money, but there's just something to be said for having your man home with you at night. It's such a great feeling!

Katie said...

YAY for u/s and exam on Friday!

YAY for Joey's new job!

WOW to your hubby for being brave enough to say that to you, LOL! :-)

BOO to 18 months!

2catdaughters said...

Ugh to hitting the 18 month mark but YAY to scheduling all of your testing and to Joey's new job!!

JC said...

I know what you mean, next month will be 2 yrs...AHHHHHHH!!! That's funny what your hubby said about the pelvic exam and u/s, lol! I hope you see good things and get good results. Yay for your hubby's job!

ifcrossroads said...

OOOH. The 18 month mark. I'm right there with 'ya girl. The feeling of dread is palpable.
Congrats on getting a hubby with normal hours ... that IS exciting!