Tuesday, October 13, 2009


AF is actually listening to me for once in my whole life. I willed her to stay away long enough for my RE appointment, then when it was over, I begged for her to come soon so I could get a move on with our plan. What happened this morning? I started spotting. :) Flow should start tomorrow, which means I'll have my u/s on Thursday or Friday morning. (And I PROMISE I will make my follow-up pap appointment as soon as flow starts, too!) I also made an appointment this morning to get my blood work done. I have to be there Saturday morning at 7:45 a.m. I'm going to need a serious nap afterward.

On a much sadder note, my heart is heavy this morning for my friend, Kelly. If you'll recall, she went through a scare a couple of weeks ago when she and her husband almost lost their third baby. Yesterday, during what was supposed to be a happy check-up, they found out that the baby is no longer growing. I can't imagine what she is going through right now. Losing one child is tragic, losing two is a nightmare. Losing three? Unimaginable. Please keep Kelly in your thoughts as she and her husband try to cope with their third loss.


ifcrossroads said...

Ok. I hope this works! Openaccess ID isn't allowing me to comment both yesterday and today. UGH!
So I am THRILLED that you and Joey have a plan. It sounds like you really like your new Dr. and your plan sounds perfecto! Oh Katie, I am so excited that you are able to move forward. AND I'm so glad that AF has cooperated for once. That should go down in the history books.

As far as your friend Kelly is concerned, please, please tell me this isn't the same Kelly that I know from the board. If it is, I'm in complete and utter shock and sadness for her. It's unimaginable to suffer 3 losses in just the scope of 1 year. Will you do me a favor if it's who I think it is? Will you tell her that I'm thinking about her and sending all my love and huge hugs to her and her husband. Repeated losses are just horrific.

To A T said...

I'm glad AF is cooperating precisely to your wishes!! You deserve a little break from this madness ;-)

Please send on my (((HUGS))) to Kelly as well :( It makes me so sad to hear she is going through this again :*( My heart is just breaking for her!!