Thursday, October 29, 2009

3 dpIUI

Here's an update:
  • I'm fat. And by fat, I mean I can no longer fit in my pants. (Case in point, I'm sitting here with my pants unbuttoned at work. Luckily my shirt is long enough to cover this.) After taking the Clomid, I gained 3.5 pounds. I'm very confident that number is now up to 5.
  • The pain in my left ovary is gone. It lingered for a little while yesterday, though it wasn't nearly as bad as it was on Tuesday. I couldn't even walk. Now, other than my massive, bloated stomach, my middle section is feeling back to normal.
  • The progesterone is not make me feel cranky. Instead, it's making me feel tired. And calm. And happy. I've had a pretty relaxed attitude this week, and I think my husband can attest to the fact that my mood swings have dwindled.
My plans for the next few days:
  • Tonight: Watching game 2 of the World Series and pigging out on pizza, which obviously won't help with the weight issues.
  • Tomorrow: Busy day at work, then going on some sort of date night with hubby. Not sure where yet.
  • Saturday: Getting an oil change in the car, meeting up with friends to watch the Florida-Georgia game, then watching game 3 of the World Series and giving out candy to trick-or-treaters.
  • Sunday: Laundry, hitting up the new H&M store in town, watching game 4 of the World Series, and spending the day perfecting the Philly cheesesteaks we are having for dinner.
Next week should be fairly busy, too. I'm trying to do anything to keep my mind off of my uterus!


Kelly said...

Well dear, from the looks of your pics, you aren't starting out "fat", so even if you gained 5 pounds, you officially can't be "fat". It sucks though, what all the hormones or meds can to your body. I feel your pain, believe me. (((HUGS)))

Enjoy tonight with the game and the pizza!

2catdaughters said...

Your weekend plans for staying busy sound great! I can't wait for Game 3!!! Go Phils!

Jin said...

Boo to the wait gain. But the weekend sounds aweseome!

JC said...

OMG H&M opened?!?!? Fred has been eyeing the shit out of that for months! I feel a mall trip coming on. Your weekend sounds jam packed full of fun. Hope it goes by fast and sorry bout the bloat. Never fun to "feel" fat even though I'm sure you're not really fat. ;)